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Monday, 18 October 2010 08:58

Free Kmdt. Willem Ratte! Boer prisoner

List of articles, in chronological order, published on

1st november 2010. Kmdt. Ratte at Balmoral
Cmdt. Ratte released on bail, 1st November 2010
Who is Willem Ratte?
1st November 2010, a prayer for Kmdt. Ratte
Willem Ratte and the silence of the mass media
Defence fund Cmdt. Willem Ratte
Cmdt. Ratte’s condition on October 28, 2010
Free Kmdt. Ratte. Letter to Italian Ambassador in South Africa
Kmdt. Ratte, Witbank 25th Oct. 2010. Photos
Witbank, 25 Oct. 2010. Ratte: imprisoned and calumnied. And then what?
Willem Ratte, an icon of the Boer nation
South Africa, Witbank 25th Oct. 2010, at 08:30. Free Ratte, free Boer patriots!
Willem Ratte - The Legend (addendum)
From Italy, a letter to Kmdt. Ratte
Kmdt. Willem Ratte’s military career
Condition Detainee: Willem Ratte - Piet Rudolph
Appeal: help Kmdt. Willem Ratte
Free Kmdt. Willem Ratte! Boer prisoners
Free Eugene Becker! Boer prisoners
South Africa, Boer prisoners: Willem Ratte in danger
Ratte 10: 2 men rest in prison
Petition for Willem Ratte, Pretoria 15th October 2010
Direct statement by Willem Ratte from prison (2th and 11th Oct 2010)
11th October 2010: hearing postponed for Boer patriots arrested at Balmoral
Ratte: hunger of freedom. 11th October 2010: hearing
Help Ratte 10
South Africa: Boers killed and arrested
Balmoral, South Africa: the repression of ANC’s regime against Boer patriots
South Africa: Willem Ratte arrested again