Willem Ratte and the silence of the mass media Print
Friday, 29 October 2010 14:48

Cmdt. Ratte in prison's regime. The guilty silence of the mass media

The arrest and persecutory detention of the Cmdt. Willem Ratte, in hunger strike, don’t leave trace on Italian mass media, and the same thing seems to happen in other western countries. The truth is censored in the bud, in southern Africa by ANC and the economic elites that support it, but seems to be censored even here, by all mass media who choose don’t show this piece of news.
Someone might asks: are the Italian mass media aware about this fact? Yes, because even if the news agencies or its foreign correspondents wouldn’t have informed it, Volkstaat.it have did.
Between 26th and 27th October were sent e-mail - about the persecution and imprisonment of the Cmdt. Ratte - to many Italian newspapers. We list a few:

Brescia Oggi
Il Fatto Quotidiano
Il Giornale
Il Secolo XIX
Il Tempo
La Repubblica
La Stampa
L'Osservatore Romano

Dear journalists, do you wait for the dead of Cmdt. Ratte?
And then, what will you do, as you did for Terre’Blanche? Blaming the victim - and not his executioners, with the lies spread by the mass media close to ANC’s regime?

The absurd incarceration of a generous and courageous man, a war hero and icon of his own nation, it isn’t a piece of news? Why? Perhaps, because Ratte isn’t black but white? Perhaps, because to talk about what is happening to Cmdt. Ratte, would show the true face of the regime established in South Africa?

Volkstaat.it invites everyone to cooperate, please report real news to mass media (worldwide). Force them to tell the truth.

Free Cmdt. Ratte!