Günther Kotze is free. Sentenced for to destruction of an obelisk (30 Nov. 2010) Print
Friday, 03 December 2010 11:36

News from Beeld

30 Nov. 2010. Günther Kotze with his uncle, Mr. Louis Viviers (back)Günther Kotze (32 y.o.), Boer patriot, isn’t in prison. He is currently out on bail in relation to the arrest of the 30 September 2010, in which the regime of the southern African empire struck him and nine other patriots, including Cmdt. Willem Ratte.
The 30 November 2010, in court in Witbank (Azania changed the name of the town in “eMalahleni”, in the 2006), he has pleaded guilty to charges of malicious damage to property, after he destroyed an obelisk of a Boer Monument. He has been sentenced to six months imprisonment, suspended for five years.
He admitted to have cut the obelisk of the Balmoral concentration camp memorial.
Günther Kotze, who defended himself, said he is very sorry about what he did, though it was right by his faith to break the needle.
“The needle is an obelisk and is an insult to my faith. It should be replaced with a cross.”
Cmdt. Willem Ratte and Sgt. Major Eugene Becker paid cost for to fix the monument: 6,000 Rand. The Southern Cross Africa had fix the monument.

The gesture of Günther Kotze may be right or wrong, but surely: the capitalist-communist regime of the ANC, which denies freedom to the Boer nation and is exteminating it culturally, spiritually and physically, has no right to judge a Boer that “change” or “damage” a Boer monument. Only the Boervolk have authority over the Boerevolk and its monuments.

Freedom for all Boer prisoners!