South Africa. Boer genocide: killed Marthie Erasmus (2nd Dec. 2010) Print
Saturday, 04 December 2010 12:02

Marthie Erasmus, killedNews from Beeld and Uncensored South African News

At about 16:00 on Thursday 2 December 2010, a group of armed black males attacked Erasmus family on the farm Hartbeesfontein, near Moedwil outside Rustenburg (in the Transvaal). Mrs Marthie Erasmus (63 y.o.) was tied up on her bed and then the gang bludgeoned the defenceless woman to death with a sledgehammer - for no apparent reason.
Chris Erasmus (63 y.o.), husband of Marthie, was tied to his chair and brutally beaten about the face and eyes.
The attackers stole a microwave oven, R10,000 (about 1,090 Euro) cash, guns from the registered gun-safe, jewellery, clothing and the family Christmas gifts.