Boer genocide. Letter to UN - Lets Pretorius Print
Thursday, 09 December 2010 14:44

Boer genocide

From Boerevryheid forum, 8th December 2010

7 December 2010

The Secretary-General of the United Nations,
UN Office,
Per: Official spokesman of the Secretary-General; Mr. Martin Nesirky
Mr Ban Ki-moon;

I am writing this letter, representing one of the largest groups of the Boerevolk and as President of the Boerevolk Representative Council (BVR).

We, the Boerevolk are experiencing an “undeclared war” against our people. The statistics show it clearly. We can supply you with roaming statistics when necessary or needed. More members of the Boerevolk were slain (on farms alone 3700) since 1994, than American soldiers, in combat during the Iraq war(3497).

In 1994, there were 85,000 Boer farmers.

By 2010, less than 12,000 remain to produce excess food-crops…

Deliberate executing of a three year old baby, could in no possible way, be declared as crime, or a coincidental killing. We say: “The black people of South Africa are in a war situation against the Boerevolk” (Mr Mandela, as well as Mr Zuma, and a certain ANC Youth League leader Malema even declared and instigated it with the “kill the Boer” song) Please follow the links at the bottom of the page.

I hereby formally declare that there is an organised Genocide roaming against the Boerevolk and we see no counter reaction from the Government to proof it otherwise.

The peacekeeping and official rural Commando’s were dismantled, the Boerevolk disarmed, our political prisoners remain incarcerated in jail and we have no ear at the Government were we could raise our concerns, our needs and demands.

I hereby appeal to you to regard this plead as a desperate and very urgent call to take International measures to counter the Genocide in South Africa.

Dr Johan (Lets) Pretorius

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