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Wednesday, 28 March 2012 11:43

Racist genocide - the onslaught against the whites

The almost daily attacks of terror and the racial murders perpetrated against the white minority is a stark reminder of what transpired in Kenia during the days of the Mau Mau. For decades Jomo Kenyatta, aided and abetted by Indian communists practised sheer terror against the whites. His storm troops were forced to take the oath to commit their acts of terror. In an official publication compiled by the British authorities titled: Historical Survey of the Mau Mau, Colony and Protectorate of Kenya (Sessional Papert No 5 of 1959/60) the nature of the oath is recorded:-

"9 Oathing on these lines continued apace untill May 1952, when a more sinister development in the oath itself came to the notice of the administration and police. In this, the second oath, the person to whom it was administered had to promise:-

(a) If I am sent to bring in the head of an enemy or European, and I fail to do so, may this oath kill me.

(b) If I fail to steal anything from a European, may this oath kill me.

(c) If I know of an enemy in our organisation, and fail to report it to my leader, may this oath kill me.

(d) If I am ever sent by my leader to do something big for the House of Kikuyu, and I refuse, may this oath kill me.

(e) If I refuse to help in driving the Europeans from this country, may this oath kill me.

(f) If I worship any leader but Jomo Keyatta, may this oath kill me."

When studying this, it becomes apparent with what subtle methods Blacks can be influenced against Whites. It becomes clear what Winnie Mandela intended when she declared: "With our matches and necklaces we will liberate this country." It may also be a good indication of how far Black employees can be trusted to withstand intimidation by terror. Piet Rudolph (26/3/2012)