Cornelia de Wet returns in court. We need your help Print
Wednesday, 18 June 2014 11:26


14 June 2014

Cornelia de Wet, 2014Cornelia De Wet will return to court this coming week. Over the past two years, she has not had the option of been given a free and fair trial. Due to the fact that she is represented by government attorney's, and has had over eight different legal advisers who have clearly not taken a keen interest in her situation and offered her a decent defense, she needs all our help. Cornelia can be set free and turn this nightmare around with the help of all her friends and family. What Cornelia needs is an independent attorney who will give her a vested interest and perform a defense befitting her situation. Let us all group together and support Cornelia. Let us all fund her defense with a generous donation towards the cost of an attorney. If anybody is interested in continuing with this fund raising, then we can open up a bank account and appoint an attorney. If there is an attorney who is willing to fight the battle of a woman in desperate need of fair justice, then contact us. We need your help and time is not on our side. Thank you for taking the time to read this and if possible please share.

Contact info Delores Oneale - email: or cell number 0823742999.