A new trek for Werner Kruger - Jan 2017 Print
Monday, 23 January 2017 20:00


Werner Kruger

Werner Kruger, the Boer nationalist, who in the 2015 rode his horse Dapper (“Brave”), with a Vierkleur in his hand, for 1500 km, he has started a new trek these days.

2015: 1500 km on horseback with a Vierkleur. The trek of Werner Kruger for the Boer volk

Here below, a message from him:

Here are the preliminary dates and towns for the next few weeks.
Dins 24 jan - mafeking
Woens 25 jan - ottoshoop
Don 26 jan - zeerust

Sat 27 jan - groot marico
Moon 30 jan - swartruggens
Dins 31 Jan - Koster, North West
Free 03 hed - rustenburg
Woens 08 Tob-Maanhaar edge
Don 09 Tob-Hekpoort, skeerpoort and cosmos.
The time of arrival will be known as we make progress.
Thank you for everyone's interest and support
Boereliefde and regards.
Werner Krüger