South Africa: UN and civil war Print
Thursday, 26 April 2018 07:07


South Africa are in the process of putting in a bid for a seat on the United Nations security council. With Asziz Pahad currently in New York to drive this bid.
This should be TOTALLY opposed at all fronts till all Ethnic Grouping are recognized in South Africa otherwise heed this warning we will follow exactly what had happened in the old Yugoslavia. Where dissent and oppression led to civil war. That war caused the breakup of Yuguslavia with the ethinic groupings claiming back their own terrotories with Bosnia, Crotia, Montenegro, etc beieng their own entities now. That is all good and well and i agree that every Ethnic grouping should rule themselves sovereignly free from any influences but the war that preceeds that is not good at all. In the end all the innocents suffer.
The questions here we must ask is this.

1) Are all people in South Africa treated the same where security, safety, and human rights are concerned?
Answer: NO.

2) Why are not all ethnic groupings recognized in South Africa:
answer: Because of opression of the minority, BEE, and total racism towards whites. And particularly the Boer.

3) How can you bid for a seat at the UN security council when you have unstability in your own country while at the same time you withdrew from the international court to hide your disgracefull actions against the minority in South Africa?
Aswer: because you need to have the backing of the UN should civil war in South Africa start so that the minority will never be victorious.

Therefore as oppressed Boer Republicans we WILL and connot ever support that bid and will oppose every action of the South African Government for world recognition until we as Boers are recognized as an indegiounous people of South Africa.

Source: David Christie