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From "Storm", AWB newsletter nr. 16, Oct-Dec 2003.

Josias Alexander Cruywagen
February 8, 1947 - September 26, 2003

AWB-Wenkommando Gen. Josias Alexander Cruywagen, 1993Alec Cruywagen was born on February 8, 1947 at Rouxville in the Vrystaat. After schooling, he studied veterinary science and focuses on farming. In the late eighties he joined the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB) and progress till to the rank of General in 1990. He was the first general of the AWB and later became Chief of Staff and later assistant commandant-general of the Movement.

After the founding of the AWB Wenkommando he became the commander of the Suid-Wenkommando, he helps Wenkommando across the country to establish and organize training camps for to mobilize the Boer volk. Originally, the training camps were only for men, but he feels strongly that the women of the volk needed training. An outcome of the training to the women was the establishment of an elite unit for women in the AWB Wenkommando structure, the Rooivalke.

At the request of the Boers, he also initiated action to protect farms on Lesotho and Transkei borders. Horse and bike patrols were part of these actions and so ensure that theft and attacks on farmers drastically reduced. Although the NP government would want to deny, the former minister Cobie Cotzee impressed and grateful for the support of the AWB on the borders.

In April 1992 he was delegated to a rightwing congress in Athens, Greece, to represent the AWB. There he met several right-wing leaders from all over the world. In Greece he gained honorary membership of the New Dawn movement and he  explained to the foreign rightists the history of South Africa, how people lived and was educated in South Africa.

In Standerton he and the Wenkommando stopped an ANC march that would run through the white neighborhood, and in Warrenton he lead to obtain a court order to prohibit an ANC march through the town.

AWB-Wenkommando Gen. Josias Alexander CruywagenOne of the most sensational events in which Alec had a major role, was the siege of the World Trade Center at Kempton Park in 1993. He was the driver of the armored vehicle drove through the windows of the center. His son, Cruy was also the first person who entered in the center. This event has the world shock waves. In spite of the police could offer little evidence against him in the lawsuit that followed, he was convicted to six years imprisonment, suspended for five years. The trial lasted three weeks and during this trial, Alec was also involved in the defensive action in Boputhatswana, upon request of Lucas Mangope.

Alec in the withdrawal from Boputhatswana took command. Although the convoy come under the gun and mortar fire by blacks in civil dress, and even (according to the testimony of Alec and other men in the withdrawal convoy) by persons in 32nd battalion uniform, he managed to get the men back in South Africa. Unfortunately, three men of the convoy moves without his knowledge and were murdered in cold blood.

With the arrest of 34 AWB members in 1994 after a terrible bomb campaign, Alec was one of the accused. Alec during this time of prolonged interrogation by policemen, was called to answer questions about various topics. During this time he proved how strong their ideological views were, and they could not break him. The case against him be withdrawn because the state had no evidence against him.

Alec had a chance to see it which many gave up and said it could not be done. To the last he tried to warn his people to be prepared on what lies ahead. When judgment day comes, and then on to ask, “Cain, where is your brother”, he can answer, me where between my people, here at Balmoral's concentration camp cemetery where freedom so high price demanded. His name deserves a prominent place in our volk's history. He truly lived for his God, the Boer volk and the restoration of the Boer republics.

“Strive for the truth unto death, and Yahweh shall fight for thee. Be not hasty in thy tongue, and in thy deeds slack and remiss.” Sirach 4:28

AWB-Wenkommando Gen. Josias Alexander Cruywagen