Letter to the UNPO - David Martens for the Boer volk. May 2015 Print
Saturday, 16 May 2015 07:07


16th May 2015

Dear sirs,

Could you please provide me with the application forms for our submission of the Boervolk of South Africa, whom has no representation anywhere at this time.

The Boervolk have been robbed by the outcome of the Anglo Boer Wars and in spite of the Boers meeting all the requirements of the peace treaty that they were subjected to genocide to and that they signed on 31st May 1902, their two Republics were incorporated into the Union of South Africa which was administered for and on behalf of the British by the Afrikaners, whom have subjected the Boers to second-class citizenship since 1910.

Currently, the Afrikaners and their political parties are purporting to represent the Boers, however, that is a gross deceit. The Boers are not represented by the Afrikaners at all. They have no authority to do so, neither can they serve the interests of the Boers - as they have demonstrated over the past 113 years.

We would like to submit our application for recognition and membership of UNPO in due course.

Kind regards.

David Martens


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