The safety of white political prisoners! Letter by Piet Rudolph Print
Wednesday, 05 March 2014 09:41


1. The Minister of the Department of Correctional Services;
2. The Parliamentary Select Committee on Department of  Correctional Services;
3.The Commissioner Department of Correctional Services;
4. The Commanding Officer, Pretoria Central Prison;
5.The Commanding Officer,  Zonderwater Prison;
6. Foreign Embassies;
Media, Radio & Television.


We address you as concerned citizens.
With reference to the above we hereby wish to bring to your attention that we have great anxiety about the safety of white political prisoners in your custody. The facts as we have it are as follows:
Pretoria Central Prison:
1. Shortly after his incarceration Doctor Lets Pretorius was stabbed with a knife:
2. His son, the reverend Mr. Wilhelm Pretorius is constantly threatened with bodily harm;
3. On February 27th, 2014 both Messrs Clive Derby-Lewis and Januz Walus suffered an attack with a sharpened instrument;
Zonderwater Prison:
The Boeremag inmates at Zonderwater were threatened by warders that they will poison their food. This matter could not be reported to the Commanding Officer, Zonderwater, due to his absence. We have access to the Commanding Officer of that institution and will report the matter to him personally as soon as he is available.
We herewith wish to place on record that we hold you liable for the safety of persons that we consider to be political prisoners not agreeing with your government. Further, that we are going to endeavour to bring this situation to the attendance of the media and the foreign authorities.

Please, also be informed that we take exception to the fact that you don’t even acknowledge receipt of our letters of complaint.

Respectfully yours Piet Rudolph: Action Committee: Boer Republicans.