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Book: Boerestaat, by Robert van Tonder
First English Edition [1977]


Chapter 3

The 19th century Boere states

The Boere states (1838 - 1902)

In the previous century our Boere faulk already had our own sovereign states. They were the Republic of Natalia, the Republic of the Orange Free State, the Transvaal Republic (Z.A.R.) and the Republic of Vryheid. Britain destroyed all these states and subjugated the Boere.

The Netherlands occupied the Cape in 1652 and colonised it with “vryburgers”[8]. The trek to the interior started almost immediately. Not only to acquire living space but, and this is seldom mentioned, also to escape Dutch tyranny. The first Boere republics of Swellendam and Graaf-Reinet were established as early as 1795 in opposition to Dutch domination. But in 1806, after the British took over the Cape from the Dutch, the subjugation of us Boere started in earnest.

Our Boere language was prohibited in the schools and government offices. A Dutch dictatorship was replaced by an iniquitous British dictatorship and by 1830 we Boere, who already was developed our own unique language and culture on the frontier, started leaving the Cape Colony in an enormous mass migration. This was the so called “Great Trek”, the true birth of the Boere faulk. By discarding the yoke of foreign rulers and taking charge of our destiny these emigrant Boere gave Birth to a new faulk, the Boere faulk.

There were two major schools of thought. Piet Retief believed that freedom and independence could be obtained through negotiation with the British, and the Zulus of Natal. The more far-sighted Hendrik Potgieter believed in moving as far away from the British as possible – and this included staying away from the sea – into an area unoccupied by blacks. Retief said: “Natal ho!” Potgieter said: “[Orange. Ed.] Free State and Transvaal ho!” Potgieter proved to be the wiser and more far-sighted man. Retief's plans ended in tragedy and failure. Potgieter's actions led to the successful establishment of the sovereign Boere states of Transvaal and [Orange. Ed.] Free State which were accorded international recognition.

8. Literally – 'Free Citizens'
9. Migration

President M. T. Steyn, last president of the Republic of the Orange Free State

President Paul Kruger, last president of the Transvaal Boere Republic

General Lucas Meyer, President of the Republic of Vryheid that was incorporated into the Transvaal Boere Republic in 1888

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Destroy the Spirit of UBUNTU... - The white Christian's lies: Lie No. 2 PDF Print E-mail


Book: Destroy the Spirit of UBUNTU, said the white Christian boss

The white Christian's lies
Lie No: 2

The Set-Apart Spirit that was conveniently renamed the Holy Spirit.

This Set-Apart spirit, also to be referred to as the Spirit of Apartness or better the Spirit of "Apartheid" in Hebrew, is the ONLY Spirit according to Biblical belief, in which salvation is possible.

Firstly we will list extracts of thirteen world-wide acclaimed and authoritive dictionaries and concordances, commonly used by theological scholars to determine the real meanings of words. “Holy, Holiness, sanctified and saints” were translated from the original Hebrew word, “qadash”, meaning “to be set apart”. The true meaning of holiness appears as follows in the Enhanced Strong’s Concordance. (Strong’s numbers in brackets)
HOLINESS: [6944] qodesh { ko’-desh } from [6942]; In Hebrew קֹדֶשׁ
1) Apartness, holiness, sacredness, separateness
1a) Apartness, sacredness, holiness
1a 1) of God
1a 2) of places
1a 3) of things
1b) set-Apartness, separateness
This word is derived from the original qadash, that means to be set apart.
HOLY: 6942 qadash { kaw-dash’ } In Hebrew קָדַשׁ

1) to be set apart, be consecrated
There can be NO uncertainty as to the real underlying meaning of this word. It denotes Apartness, and combined with the word Spirit, denotes a Spirit of Apartness. Combined with the word, ‘man’, it denotes a man of Apartness, or set-apart man. Keeping this fact in one’s mind while one reads further, it will become clear that this Apartness or Apartheid is none other than the policy of total racial segregation to be practised by the “adamic man”, the blushing creation mentioned in Lie No 1.
This is the same policy the so-called white “liberal” Christian preacher would like the Black man that he despises, to believe.
In fact, with his superior knowledge of the Hebrew language, (they all have graduated in Hebrew at University), they most probably get some sort of perverse kick by taking the Black man for a ride!
They preach salvation by means of a spirit of APARTHEID (separateness) for whites only, they conveniently rename this Spirit of APARTHEID the Holy Spirit and “hola!” the African barbarian is kept in complete control and can never enter into the sanctuary (place of apartness) of the White man.

Herewith further extracts from twelve more Hebrew/English Dictionaries and Concordances.

1] qodesh - Apartness
The principal words are Heb. ‘qodesh’ in the OT and Gk. ‘Hagios’ in the NT, both words of uncertain derivation. If the main root ךסדק is derived from the simple root qd, meaning to cut or separate, it denotes Apartness, and so the separation of a person or thing from the common or profane to a divine use.
The New Bible Dictionary, 1962.

2] Holiness
God is holy, separate from His creation by His very nature. To be holy literally means to be cut off or separate, and denotes Apartness, the separation of a person or thing from the common or profane to a divine use.
Earl D. Radmacher, general editor; Ronald B. Allen, Old Testament editor,
Nelson Study Bible [computer file], electronic ed., Logos Library System, 1997.

The Heb. words ‘qadash’, holy; ‘qodesh’, holiness; and the Gr. ‘hagios’ and ‘hagiosyne’, mean basically separation from what is common or unclean, and consecration to God (Lev. 20:24–26, RSV; Acts 6:13; 21:28). From the underlying idea of Apartness or separation from the profane (Lev. 10:10; Ezk. 22:26) stem three derived aspects of holiness found in Scripture. Ceremonial objects are also classed as holy or sacred, set apart entirely for God’s use.
Pfeiffer, Charles F., Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia, 1975.

4] The sin (2:11)
The unfaithfulness Malachi 2:10 had in mind is called a detestable thing (lit., “an abomination”), something abhorrent to God. Furthermore this abominable unfaithfulness involved a profaning of holiness. The word for "holiness" (קֹדֶשׁ, is “Apartness, separateness”.
Holiness may refer here to the quality of distinctiveness or separateness that God desired in Israel. The abominable unfaithfulness that profaned Israel’s holiness was intermarriage with pagans. Such marriages had been expressly forbidden because they would lead the people into idolatry (Ex. 34:11-16; Deut. 7:3-4; Josh. 23:12-13). Intermarrying was a big problem after the return from the Exile (cf. Ezra 9:1-2, 10-12; Neh. 13:23-27). The Israelites were supposed to marry within their own nation. Failures to do so were acts of unfaithfulness among themselves as well as to God. They involved both a disregard for the nation’s corporate nature and disobedience to God.
Walvoord, John F., and Zuck, Roy B., The Bible Knowledge Commentary, 1983, 1985.

5] Conclusion of the Covenant
The covenant relationship is expressed in the formula: “I am your God-you are my people” (Jer. 31:33; Hos. 2:23); cf. the formulary of marriage and divorce (Hos. 1:9).19. a people sacred to the Lord: The holiness, that is, Apartness, derives from the new bond created by the covenant.
God is the all-holy. Holiness is the essential quality of God; its vast range of meaning indicates his otherness, utter transcendence, complete Apartness from anything sinful or merely finite.
D N Freedman, JBL 79 [1960] 156; R Abba, JBL 80 [1961] 320-28

6] Apartness
[Afrikaans, from Dutch, from apart- apart + heid -hood](1947)
1 : racial segregation; apartheid, specifically: a policy of segregation and political and economic discrimination against non-European groups in the Republic of South Africa
Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, 1993.

7] קֹדֶשׁ n.m. Apartness, Sacredness (opp. חל
Apartness, sacredness, holiness, of God: a. of divine activity, syn. majesty, בַּקֹּדֶשׁ adj. sacred, holy. of God, as separate, apart, and so sacred, holy: a. exalted on theophanic throne; heavenly throne; in victory. b. separate from human infirmity, impurity, and sin. c. קְדוֹשׁ יִשְׂרָאֵל
be set apart, consecrated — Qal 1. be set apart, consecrated, hallowed, of shew-bread; Aaron and his sons by blood; other persons.
Pi. 1. set apart as sacred, consecrate, dedicate: a. places: Sinai, altar, etc., tabern., etc.; tent of meeting; place of sacrifice; gate.??
Hithp. 1. keep oneself apart from unclean things. 2. of God, cause himself to be hallowed.
Richard Whitaker, Editor, The Abridged Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew-English Lexicon of the Old Testament, 1997.

8] Separateness
Qodesh,qadesh,qadosh, Heb.) The basic idea in this family of words is “separateness”. When applied to God, “holy” denotes His uniqueness and separateness from everything earthly and wrong; when applied to man,—those who are redeemed by the blood are to live separated and holy lives (cf. 1 Pet. 1:15–19).
W.A. Criswell, Believer’s study Bible [computer file], electronic ed. , Logos Library System, 1997, c1991 by the Criswell Center for Biblical Studies.

9] Regulations for fellowship with God
include the “Holiness Code” (Lev. 17–26). Holiness or separateness was to be a way of life, involving commitment to the Lord in every aspect. Instructions concerning separation are included (Lev. 17:1–22:33). God’s people were to commit themselves uniquely to Him and to separate themselves from the pagan practices of their neighbours.
Dorothy Kelley Patterson, general editor; Rhonda Harrington Kelley, managing editor, Woman’s study Bible [computer file], electronic ed., Logos Library System, 1997, c1995.

10] Under the constraint of God,
Balaam spoke an important truth about Israel: the separateness of Israel from other nations in a physical and spiritual sense was absolutely essential (Deut. 7:6). Throughout history God has proven that those who belong to Him are powerful.
Dorothy Kelley Patterson, general editor; Rhonda Harrington Kelley, managing editor, Woman’s study Bible [computer file], electronic ed., Logos Library System, 1997, c1995.

11] The prohibition of mixed marriages:
Became a central concern (Tob. 4:12-13; T. Lev. 9:10; 14:6). Other areas in which separateness was particularly apparent include food (Dan. 1:8-15; Tob. 1:10-12), circumcision (1 Macc. 1:11-15), and avoidance of the idolatry characteristic of Gentile society (1 Macc. 3:48). 1 Maccabees 1 presents in bold relief the contrast between life according to Israelite and Gentile law and custom.
Achtemier, Paul J., Th.D., Harper’s Bible Dictionary, 1985.

12] The holiness of Yahweh:
Is a most important doctrine in the teaching of Isaiah. Yahweh’s holiness is an expression of his separateness from the corruption of his people. He is the Holy One of Israel The redirected mind will focus on God’s priority, holiness. At its heart holiness means separateness:
Elwell, Walter A. ed., Evangelical Commentary on the Bible, 1989.

The word Apartness and its variations appear approximately one thousand three hundred (1300) times in the Scripture. According to the above twelve internationally acclaimed dictionaries, there can thus be NO uncertainty as to the real meaning and essence of the Hebrew concept of qadash or qodesh.
This so-called “Holy Spirit” of the Bible that is being forced down the Black man’s throat in the Christian churches, is not the Spirit of Apartness of the original Bible.
The latter spirit is a Spirit that is only available to white adamic people, who will continue to set themselves apart; apart from all other races; apart from all other religions.

To summarise then: The African gave up his powerful spirits of UBUNTU and replaced them with a senseless “Holy Spirit” where “to be holy” is now redefined by the white Christian boss as:
• being good and caring to everyone,
• not to query the white bosses in power and
• NEVER EVER to consult the African traditional and spiritual healers and sangomas.
To pull the masses to their Sunday services, these evil white preachers put up silly little shows in church of “talking in tongues, falling in the spirit, healing by the spirit” and other simple-minded hogwash to deceive the Black man.
How could the African man ever trade the African Spirit, the SPIRIT OF UBUNTU, for such a pathetic Christian spirit, a spirit intent on entertaining the poor misguided souls on Sundays in church?

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International appeal for Boer prisoners of “Boeremag”! (2012) PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 16 April 2012 22:02

From Gerhard Smith

About Free the BOEREMAG in South Africa


Boer prisoners - You are not forgotten • 24 Men are accused of high treason against the Republic of South Africa [South African Empire. Ed.] and have been imprisoned since 2002.
• More than 20 Boers have been subjugated in an exhausting court case for ten years.
• During the trial it was testified that Government agents and Police agent provocateurs played a prominent roll in planning, orchestrating and instigating the events leading to the events of this case.
• 11 of the accused are still imprisoned as “awaiting trial detainees” (for 10 years already), with bail repeatedly denied. They are kept under inhumane circumstances worse than convicted prisoners, for example: they are not allowed any contact visitation for the last ten years.
• The accused which bail were denied, appeared in front of black judges, whilst the bail was granted according to Law to those who appeared in front of white judges.
• Eight of the accused have been divorced since the commencement of the case. Two are deceased, whilst one is terminal ill.
• One of the accused is over the age of seventy and had a heart attack. He received a three vessel heart bypass, but bail was still denied thereafter.
• The case has once again been postponed (for four months) until 23rd July, 2012.

This case against these persons is an injustices act and an offence against humanity. It is taking place in South Africa which is a member of the UN’s Safety and Security Council.
The judicial principle, of a person being innocent until proven guilty does not seems to exist in this case.
The international community should take notice of this and insist on immediate rectification!

Afrikaans version
French version
Russian version
Italian version

The World Trade Centre invasion (1993) PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 16 April 2012 07:07


The World Trade Centre, just next to the Jan Smuts (now [2012] Oliver Reginald Tambo) international airport in the town of Kempton Park on the East Rand, was situated about 30 kilometres outside Johannesburg. There, in December 1991 and May 1992, were held meetings of the KODESA (Konvensie vir ‘n Demokratiese Suid-Afrika, in English: Convention for a Democratic South Africa), whose aim was to make further evolution of the Republic of South Africa (RSA) empire on the capitalism-communism way. Rather than restore freedom for all peoples of southern Africa (and also to the Boer, who had lost in 1902), wanted to expand the boundaries of that Empire, instead of erasing the false nationalisms (such as “White” and that “white Afrikaner”, created by international capitalism to give an identity to the Empire of the RSA), wanted to erase the true identities of all volk in the region. The international capitalism that had conquered southern Africa, felt itself ready to implement the next phase of its diabolical plan, aimed at a more stringent imperialism. The political administration of the “new” RSA Empire would be entrusted to the major political force in the Empire: a Communist force that international capitalism had helped to create, assist, finance, and promote.
From 1 April 1993, Nasionale Party (NP) and African National Congress (ANC) were started at the World Trade Centre the so-called “Multi-party Negotiating Process”. This was attended by 26 organizations. The meetings were three to four a week. The objective behind the creation of this Forum was to make it appear as shared choices that had already been taken, and that would have deprived many nations of their freedom.

Many parts of the text that follows are taken from chapter 20 of the book “Victory or Violence: The Story of the AWB of South Africa”, by Arthur Kemp. Additions and changes are by Volkstaat.org.

Multi-party Negotiating Process. World Trade Centre, Kempton Park, 1993

By then the name "Kempton Park" and the "World Trade Center" had become synonymous with negotiation. Negotiations with the communist terrorists, released and ready to take political control of the whole southern Africa. All nations of southern Africa were to be delivered to well-known terrorists, who had killed with the goal of establishing a communist regime.

In early June 1993 the Negotiating Council set the imperial elections to April 27, 1994. A few days after the request of the Zulu Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) for a federal constitution was rejected, and so also the one who asked for a homeland for the Boers.

The Afrikaner Volksfront (AVF) coalition (a heterogeneous coalition that included white Afrikaner “nationalists”; Boer nationalists; and many former generals of the armed forces of the RSA Empire) announced that a public protest meeting was to take place outside the huge building on 25 June 1993 and that the AVF leaders, Terre'Blanche included, were to hand over a petition to the main negotiating forum demanding that they take cognizance of the demands of the AVF.
The Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB), that was the major component of the coalition of the AVF and at that time demanded the restoration of the Boer republics (on about the 14% of the territory of southern Africa), however arrived in full force, and of the approximately six thousand people who attended the rally, at least three quarters were AWB supporters. The AWB also arrived with a commercially available armoured vehicle (usually used for transporting cash and valuables by private security companies) called a Viper. The imperial police had seen this vehicle at other AWB rallies before, and were therefore not too concerned about its appearance.

June 25, 1993. The AWB Viper enters in the World Trade Centre grounds

The security controls at the gates to the World Trade Centre grounds were fairly secure, with police only letting official delegates through. However, just before 9.00 am, a car driven by a demonstrator followed an official delegate's car through the gate, stopping at a critical point in the crossing which prevented the police from reclosing the gate. This was the chance the crowd had been waiting for, and immediately they stormed through into the centre grounds, heading straight for the building housing the negotiation chamber, which by that time of day was already in use by the official delegates.
AVF leading figure general Constand Viljoen (the former head of the Army of the RSA Empire), who led the “directorate” of the AVF, tried in vain to stop the crowd from marching on the building, but they stoicly ignored him. The Viper armoured vehicle then entered the grounds through the by now abandoned gates and drove in front of the crowd right up to the glass fronted building, where a thin line of uniformed policemen were attempting to hold back the crowd. Terre'Blanche himself, dressed in AWB-Wenkommando camouflage uniform, came riding in on top of the Viper, surrounded by men of the Ystergarde. At his side was also gen. Nico Prinsloo, the AWB secretary general.

June 25, 1993. Terre'Blanche in front of the World Trade Centre. Around him Ystergarde men

June 25, 1993. Demonstrators in front of the windows of the World Trade Centre

June 25, 1993. Gen. Constand Viljoen invites AWB men to stopAfter a very short, the heavily outnumbered and outgunned police retreated inside the building. While Constand Viljoen with a megaphone tried to dissuade the crowd from further actions, the Viper came quickly to the glass doors.

The armored vehicle was driven by AWB-Wenkommando Gen. Alec Cruywagen, and with him was Cmdt. Gen. Dirk Ackerman. Dirk Ackerman was the AWB chief of staff, he had replaced Servaas de Wet earlier in that year.
After a few moments the Viper smashed in through the glass doors, opening a large hole through which hundreds of AWB uniformed members stormed, shouting “AWB! AWB!”.
The first to enter in the center was a boy with Ystergarde uniform, Cruy Cruywagen, son of Gen. Alec Cruywagen.

June 25, 1993. The AWB enters in the World Trade Centre

The mainly AWB crowd rampaged through the building, eventually finding their way into the negotiation chamber itself, which had been hastily abandoned by the delegates. The police decided not to act and merely sent in their own video teams to film as many people in the crowd as possible to try and pick them up at a later stage.
Inside the building and negotiation chamber the AWB men and women rifled through files, briefcases and even helped themselves to soft drinks they found in a fridge, while the official delegates cowered in locked back rooms, hoping that the mob would not find them. Some demonstrators came prepared with spray paint tins, and sprayed slogans on the walls of the building. A Sunday newspaper journalist later made the allegation that the AWB crowd had urinated on the floors of the negotiation chamber, something which was definitely untrue.

The Viper was left parked in the building's entrance foyer for a short while, and then was escorted out of the grounds once again by a phalanx of Ystergarde men, many wearing balaclavas.
The police however managed to later trace the Viper and seized it as evidence to be used in the charge of public violence and trespassing which was later instituted against AWB members whom the police were able to identify.

While all this was going on, Terre'Blanche, General Constand Viljoen, General Tienie Groenewald and Konserwatiewe Party (KP) leader Ferdi Hartzenberg had proceeded to hand over their memorandum -as had originally been the point of the protest meeting - to Imperial government representatives. However the memorandum was completely ignored by capitalist-communist controlled  media.

June 25, 1993. Eugene Terre'Blanche in the negotiation chamber of the World Trade Centre. Behind him AWB-Wenkommando Gen. Nico Prinsloo, the AWB secretary general

After several hours, Terre'Blanche appeared in the chamber and ordered his men to leave as they had made their point and the petition had been handed over.

The men of the AWB, including Terre'Blanche, joined in prayer in the negotiation chamber. With them were also Gen. Constand Viljoen and Gen. P.H. (“Tienie”) Groenewald (former Chief of Military Intelligence of the RSA Empire) of the “directorate” of the AVF. They asked protection to Heavenly Father, not end under the rule of atheists, communists and terrorists.

June 25, 1993. The  World Trade Centre invaders pray in the negotiation chamber. On the left AWB-Wenkommando Gen. Alec Cruywagen

The AWB men then left the building, formed columns outside on the grass area and simply marched away, AWB band playing, leaving behind a severely damaged building and many frightened delegates and officials.
Not one shot had been fired, and no-one had been hurt - apart from the Indian Amichand Rajbansi (the same one who had in the mid 1980's been accused of threatening Terre'Blanche's life in the famous “Rajbansi letter” incident) getting a open handed smack in the face from a hooded AWB man when he wandered into the negotiation chamber at the height of the AWB occupation.

June 25, 1993. Gen. Constand Viljoen and Konserwatiewe Party (KP) leader Ferdi HartzenbergIt was clear, watching the faces of Viljoen, Groenewald e Hartzenberg (all prominent figures of the AVF), that they were shocked by the action of AWB of that day. Viljoen even had done everything to prevent it. Why?
Surely career soldiers couldn't get frightened by a similar action, where never a shot was fired. As it was illogical that they were annoyed by that, since it was completed with great success (the occupation of the World Trade Centre without firing a shot!), which was echoed all over the world.
The AVF (at least in theory) was created for to bring together political movements and military sectors of the Republic of South Africa (RSA) empire, in order to obtain, peacefully or by force of arms, an independent state. Therefore (in theory, at least) they were preparing to something much more hard: the Unilateral Declaration of Boer Independence (in the western Transvaal).

So why?
The only explanation that makes sense, then confirmed by history, is that day Viljoen, Groenewald e Hartzenberg were shocked and nervous because they were unable to perform the task that had been entrusted to them: to control the Boer independentism (which at that time was mainly the AWB), for it to fail. That is: the historical mission of the white Afrikaner “nationalists”.
The AVF was founded because of that.
That day, however, showed that the AWB would go on by itself. And this shocked, nervous and frightened the leaders of white Afrikaner “nationalism”, who already took orders from their new masters, the new directors of the Empire.

The AVF tried to politically isolate the AWB. After the successful invasion of the World Trade Centre was asked to the AWB to leave voluntarily the AVF coalition. However, the AVF leadership soon realized that the action of the AWB action had been overwhelming popular support amongst the Boers, so the demand was allowed to lapse. That is: the AWB was too strong, had too much consensus, and was composed by too determined men, to leave it to act freely.
The AWB remained in the AVF in the belief, later revealed as absolutely wrong, that the other components of the coalition were still working for the liberation of the Boers. It was not.

The World Trade Centre invasion (1993) - video

White Genocide in southern Africa: Naauwhoek Farm massacre, April 2012 PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 09 April 2012 07:07

The new Empire of southern Africa passes the White Genocide as simple criminality. To support this thesis, when the victim is white and the executioner is black the (nationalty and the) race of the people involved are usually kept hidden. With the excuse of don’t want promote “racism” (at least that not politically correct), has become common practice to hide the truth, even a racist Genocide. That’s why the White Genocide is hidden also in the West, and that’s why the West is its accomplice.

Nauuwhoek farm

The White Genocide in southern Africa continues unabated. Below one of the last cases: the Naauwhoek Farm massacre.

Marthella SteenkampDeon Steenkamp (44 y.o), a white farmer, his wife Christelle (43 y.o.) and 14-year-old daughter Marthella were killed on a farm near Griekwastad (in the northern Cape between Kimberley and Upington) on Friday, April 6, 2012. The bodies were found at Naauwhoek Farm at around 18:00. The victims were all shot, and were discovered by the couple's 16-year-old son Don. Don found his sister still alive and that she died in his arms.

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