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Thursday, 07 April 2011 11:55

Paul Kruger, VVKThe ways of doing of some Afrikaners (with reference to Afrikaans-speaking whites) not-Boers and not pro-Boers, are always the same: the misuse of history; flags, and martyrs of the Boer nation, for to enslave them to an “Afrikaner” nation that doesn’t exist. An evil act, which uses the history and sacrifices of a nation (the Boer nation) to disinherit it and to delete it. And even worse: it distorting the history for tries to propagate the idea that the Boer nation (with precise biological-spiritual boundaries and territorial borders) never existed. This too is genocide, although much more sly.
Paul Kruger, President of the Volksraad Verkiesing Kommissie (VVK - Commission for the Election of the Volksraad), the 5th April 2011 held a press conference at UNPO (Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization), where, ironically, are not represented the Boer (which are a nation), and are represented the Afrikaners (with reference to all Afrikaans-speaking whites, that are not a nation). Paul Kruger has supported a cause that is opposed to that of the Boer, as had done before him the Vryheidsfront Plus (VF+ / Freedom Front Plus, FF+), Afrikaner party that collaborated with the Empire of southern Africa, member of the UNPO since 2008.

On the report published on the website of UNPO, we read:
the VVK wants to hold elections to form a Volksraad (or Peoples Council) that can negotiate with the ANC for an autonomous region (or independent state) for the Afrikaners in South Africa.
an appeal to the international community for assistance in the Afrikaner struggle for the recognition of the right to self-determination.
the Afrikaner state would not have to consist of one contiguous part and and especially the Northern Cape province is so sparsely populated that it would be quite easy to establish an autonomous region.
After that there was a more specific discussion about the area in South Africa that the VVK believes the Afrikaners should strive to obtain as an autonomous area. Mr. Kruger supported the Orania project of Mr. Carel Boshoff […]
Mr. Kruger said he is in favour of a relatively small territory in South Africa, because that will improve the chances of agreement with the ANC and also means that a truly Afrikaner community is possible, but wants the Afrikaner people to decide on that via a referendum.

The usual things: Carel Boshoff; Orandeë; Orania; a “volkstaat” in the Cape; Vryheidsfront.
To go at UNPO for to support virtually the same arguments of the Vryheidsfront Plus (already a member for years, and organic part of the Empire that reigns over southern Africa), it means only one thing: to strengthen the position of Vryheidsfront Plus, especially in that context. Is that what Paul Kruger wants? Is that what VVK wants? Carel Boshoff; Orandeë; Orania; a “volkstaat” in the Cape; Vryheidsfront?
The usual Afrikaner road, who lead nowhere, because the Afrikaners are not a nation. Share race and language do not means to be a nation and history shows this clearly. The Trekboers; the Voortrekkers; the Great Trek; the Blood River Vow; the Freedom Wars; the Boer Republics; the martyrs of the concentration camps; are all Boers. Not just whites, not simply Afrikaans-speaking whites, but a specific nation with its own national history, which can not be usurped by anyone.
The “Afrikaner” term doesn’t identify the members of a nation, so to use it only for Afrikaans-speaking whites, when the Afrikaans-speaking whites of southern Africa were part of different countries, fought for different nations, lived different histories, and have a different spirit, is meaningless. The Afrikaners are the Afrikaans-speaking.
Those who call themselves “Afrikaners” (with reference to all Afrikaans-speaking) may require only autonomy. Only nations have the right to independence and the Boer nation is the only white nation that can claim its independence in Africa (on the land of the Boer Republics).
After destroying the (Boer) national identity, confusing the nation among all the Afrikaans-speaking whites; they will promote linguistic unity for all Afrikaans-speaking people, without racial distinctions.
The whites who want an own nation in southern Africa have only one way: assimilate themselves (when are similar and assimilable) to the Boers, in the Boer nation. To be Boer.