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Tuesday, 02 August 2011 18:01

Stop VVK - pins

WOULD YOU BELIEVE, I MUST HAVE STEPPED ON SOME SERIOUS TOES! Not only did we get a CIA-operative attacking this group, but my Boere Group has been DELETED, with its more than SEVEN THOUSAND MEMBERS! Was it because I have made it very clear that the VVK is a hoax, and that it is just the latest tool in the hands of the Broederbond/NWO? let's see if they allow it back or not!

The VVK is a body that was established to provide a legal “stage” to “register” the so-called Afrikanervolk. The problem is, the richest parts of South Africa belong to a different group of people called the BOEREVOLK. They are now being conned into registering themselves away as Afrikaners, to then vote for new Afrikaner leaders. Once the term Boerevolk can no longer be applied to this nation, the Afrikaner leaders - all Freemasons and members of the Afrikanerbroederbond, will be able to claim ownership of the old Boere Republics, which to this date can still be claimed back by its right full owners. These Afrikaner leaders can then be “voted in” by the group of so-called Afrikaners who include all the people from the Cape too - Cape Dutch - a completely different nation, never forming part of the Boerevolk. If they are then taking out monetary loans from the IMF, supposedly to help the country recover after the PLANNED civil war which is to break out any moment now (and the tactics used in this link above will be used too), they only need to eventually default, and the ownership will officially go into the hands of the Global NWO/Bilderberg club... Who already own the entire Africa based on this same scheme! They are heading for their final move next month, and my warnings against them are obviously considered to be too much of a threat! Now the mere fact that they ALREADY have the influence to close down a group with a membership of well over 7000 people, a group that has existed for almost three years, SAYS ENOUGH! I used to be a coordinator for the VVK in Belgium, so I am not just babbling on about something I don’t know anything about! They even kept me as administrator on their VVK group for many months after I resigned, to fool people into thinking I am backing them - until I removed myself from their admin list! MAKES YOU THINK, DOESN'T IT!