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Tuesday, 23 August 2011 14:42

Anti-national organizations such as “Genocide Watch”, which adhere to the doctrine of political correctness, the dictates of capitalism-communism, intend “genocide” mainly as the PHYSICAL elimination of a particular group, race, nation, by another / others, while they seem to feel the SPIRITUAL and BIOLOGICAL suppression of a nation - by mixing with other nations, and through the loss of it specific identity - a process even positive. But even this is GENOCIDE.
If, as says by the UN (globalist anti-national organization), with the term “genocide” we must mean the “[…] acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group […]” even all propaganda aimed at DESTROY the Boer nation, should be considered as an act of genocide.
The Boers are now victims of racist discrimination and violence, perpetrated against them as whites, by a black majority (of various nationalities), which holds political power in southern Africa. All these acts can be summarized in the phenomenon known as the “White Genocide” in the empire of the new Republic of South Africa. But the Boers are also victims of another phenomenon, the Boer Genocide.
The Boer Genocide has ancient roots, and is absolutely multiracial and multinational. During the Second Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902), when the international capitalism used the force of the British Empire to conquer the Boer Republics, the Boer Genocide was made of concentration camps and massacres, with 24,000 Boer children (50% Boer of the child population of that time) and 3,000 Boer women died in the concentration camps. In more recent times, the Boer Genocide has taken other forms, becoming a phenomenon that mystifies or deny the specificity of the Boer nation, in order to DESTROY its identity, to CONQUER it, to ASSIMILATE it or to ANNIHILATE it.
To claim that Boers are “South African”: not a specific nation, but part of another largest nation (empire), called “South Africa”, is an act of Genocide. Is Genocide now, in the southern Africa Empire (new RSA) run by ANC (an Empire which also includes former independent black states); but was also Genocide in 1910, when the Boer republics were annexed to the British colonies to form the Union of South Africa; was Genocide in 1948, when a white Afrikaner party (the Nationale Party, NP) won the election; as it was Genocide in 1961, when the Union of South Africa changed its name to Republic of South Africa (old RSA). Regimes are changed, and is changed the meaning they have given to the word “South African”, but one thing is certain: the Boers are Boers, independently of the regimes that have oppressed them.
The Boers have their own biological and spiritual identity. Who trying to confuse it, in any way, even if in good faith, promotes the Boer Genocide, becoming an accomplice.
To deny freedom and independence to the Boer nation is Boer Genocide. To talk of “Boer-Afrikaner” nation is Boer Genocide. To use Boer flags to support an Afrikaner; or a white Afrikaner; or a “Boer-Afrikaner”; “nation”, is Boer Genocide. To confuse Afrikaners; or white Afrikaners; or other peoples of southern Africa; with the Boers, is Boer Genocide. To refer to the Boer history, calling it “Afrikaner”, is Boer Genocide. To claim that there is a so-called “Covenant Nation”, which the Boers would be part, together with other whites of southern Africa, is Boer Genocide. To consider unitarily the history of the whites of southern Africa is Boer Genocide. To consider unitarily the history of Cape Dutch settlers and Boers (as did by the UNPO - Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization - at the request of the VF+), calling all them “Afrikaners”, is Boer Genocide. To support any (Dutch or English, African or European, white or black) empire, which denies independence to the Boer nation, is Boer Genocide. To participate in political life (elections, institutions) of any empire that denies independence to the Boer nation (as does, for example, the VF+), is Boer Genocide. To wave Boer flags, and then migrate to lands foreign to the Boer nation, founding new communities, who cooperate with the Empire that has subjugated the Boer nation (as did by Orania) is Boer Genocide. To call “Boer-Afrikaner” elections (as the VVK is doing), denying the specificity of the Boer nation, is Boer Genocide.

There are many chapters in the Boer Genocide, and there are many who have contributed and contribute to write them.

The best-known symbols that have contributed and / or contribute to the Boer Genocide:

The best-known symbols that have contributed and / or contribute to the Boer Genocide