The Empire of southern Africa withdrew the charges against Cmdt. Ratte PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 26 September 2011 13:11

September 23, 2011, Witbank, southern Africa. Cmdt. Ratte with some cadets of Balmoral

All charges of the Empire of southern Africa against Cmdt. Willem Ratte (63 y.o.), decorated war hero, committed from years in “Suiderkruis Africa” (in English: “Southern Cross Africa”) foundation - a patriotic organization, nationalist, devoted to the Heavenly Father, strongly engaged in social matters – were dropped. Because they were, obviously, all false.
The Police imperial forces pounced on Balmoral (near Witbank) September 30, 2010, where Suiderkruis Africa has built and run the Boer genocide museum; a gym; and the Balmoral Cadets Centre. 10 people were arrested on charges of all kinds, even: terrorism, child pornography and possession of drugs. Charges that serve to the smear campaign of media regime, eager to besmirch the good name of nationalists. Although these operations are organic to Genocides in southern Africa (the White Genocide and the Boer Genocide).
The Cmdt. Ratte remained in prison until November 1, 2010, and protested against that injustice with a dramatic hunger strike, which he continued from October 1 until the day of his release.

Messages of Cmdt. Willem Ratte, September 25, 2011:

Caught up in the Azanian justice system and its media smear apparatus. In amongst these are the six accused, mostly youngsters, who were dragged off from Balmoral into detention a year ago, on totally unfounded charges ranging from overthrowing the state [empire. Ed.] to possession of illegal weapons, to drug dealing, theft and even worse. Only to have the state drop the charges one by one and then everything two days ago [September 23, 2011. Ed.]. Thanks to a white South African, Mr Hough, who set it all off with his lies. And thanks to all those who fell for it and went totally overboard in the police and the media.

But our real, heart-felt gratitude to all those who dismissed the charges out of hand and gave such unstinting support, loyalty and friendship over the past twelve months. Too numerous to mention here.

Some of the other accused will return to the Imperial court, but for minor charges. Therefore seems very unlikely there could be other prison sentences.
With regard to other “Balmoral 10”, we remember that July 25, 2011, Marais Bouwer was sentenced to a non-custodial sentence. While, September 9, 2011, Sgt. Major Eugene Becker was sentenced to 10 months in prison (we express our total solidarity with him). Unjust sentences, but most of all: the courts of the Empire of southern Africa does not have jurisdiction over the Boers. The Empire of southern Africa does not have jurisdiction over the Boer nation. Only the Boer nation have authority over the Boer nation.

Free all Boer prisoners!