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Tuesday, 27 September 2011 07:30

Renate Ackerman shows her book “Dead Boer walking”

The English language book “Dead Boer walking”, by Renate Ackerman, was released in mid-September 2011. It is currently available on only, in digital format. Will be available soon also in paper format.
The book, which is subtitled “Whites have rights too”, is fiction based on some real events, and have a topic that, unfortunately, is absolutely real and tragic, but fiendishly hidden: the White Genocide in southern Africa. The book has on its cover the Three-Sevens, the sacred symbol that represents our Heavenly Father in His three forms. asked to the author, Renate Ackerman, to present her book. What follows is her message, of the 26 September:
“My heart lies with my people. This is the motivation for writing about them and for them. I have a message to send to my race. Time has come for the true Israel to be identified and to turn back to their Creator.

I wrote this book as fiction but quite a few true scenarios about my own life was written in. We are all trying to survive in a corrupt world but there is just no way out except for us to turn back to our God, Yahweh.

This book is about a character, Susan van der Merwe, who has concervative views like me. It is about her struggle to investigate Black Terrorist Groups in South Africa and how she was threatened by them and eventually shot.

She survives and moves to the States to do her Phd... what happens next will be written in the sequal.

I hope you will enjoy reading about Susan’s adventures and be on the look out for my next book!”