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Thursday, 24 November 2011 10:54

Boer Genocide. Conference in Milan, December 3, 2011

Saturday, December 3, 2011, in Milan (northern Italy), at the literary club Ritter, in Via Maiocchi 28, will be held the conference “Genocidio Boero” (“Boer Genocide”). The initiative, promoted by the cultural association Thule Italia, will have the editor of as speaker.

The dissertation, besides to deal with the White Genocide in southern Africa, namely: the racist extermination which bloody southern Africa, will present the reasons, history and dramas (past and present) of the only white nation of Africa: the Boer nation. A nation formed in Africa, after a long migration in search of freedom, who founded their own Republics on uninhabited lands or on lands regularly purchased from other tribes.
The Boer nation was the first to fight colonialism in Africa. When international capitalism moved to conquer it, after its lands proved unexpectedly to be rich in gold and diamonds, it was the victim of British concentration camps. Its Republics were annexed to the British colonies to form a great Empire: South Africa, first administered by whom the regime had classified as “whites”, and by blacks today. Two very different imperialisms, at different times, but subservient to the same international economic powers.
The Boer Genocide, yesterday and today, is also cultural and spiritual. It is the attack on the identity of a people. To destroy the Boer identity the “old” South Africa invented an artificial “nationalism”: the “Afrikaner” one; to destroy the identity of all peoples of southern Africa the “new” South Africa has invented a new artificial “nationalism”: the “South African” one.
The new “black” South Africa (the “Rainbow Nation” politically correct), born from the relationship between international capitalism and the Communist terrorists, is characterized by racist politics, racist propaganda and racist violence; against whites. It is an Empire, that denies freedom to all nations of southern Africa.
In southern Africa there are various indigenous peoples, not only blacks, and all these nations have right to be free. The concept that southern Africa would belong only to blacks: it is a racist concept, contradicted by history.
The Boer nation has the right to existence and independence, like any other, on the land of their fathers.

Opening of the Conference is scheduled at 17.30.
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