Naboomspruit, South Africa, November 2011: Boers in chains PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 29 November 2011 22:33

Juan van Zyl and Günther KotzeJuan van Zyl (48 y.o.) and Günther Kotze (31) were arrested on a farm in Naboomspruit, Friday 25th November 2011, with Thomas Stickling (50), their accuser.
The charges against the two include: malicious damage to property, possession of drugs and possession of dangerous weapons. The weapons would be: swords, body armor, helmets with nails, sticks with spikes. Too few to make a revolution.
But the discovery of religious and nationalist books not “politically correct” has started the media campaign of the regime, which they have been portrayed as fanatical terrorists ready to kill all blacks in southern Africa and preparing bomb attacks against churches of whites. An absurdity. Who committed the massacre of Saint James Church (July 25, 1993) wasn't a Boer...

A story with poor script, also aired on TV.
Two Boers chained hands and feet, worse than animals; a poor white, confidant of the Imperial Police, carried away by the imperial agents; another white man who criticizes the Boers in chains. Is that the TV show, creepy and pathetic, offered by the regime of southern Africa. But even more pathetic is the white audience, watching him unable to see the truth.

Go to this people and say:
Though you give ear, you will not get knowledge; and seeing, you will see, but the sense will not be clear to you

Acts 28:26

Boers in chainsThe only terrorism is that of the Empire of southern Africa, and media that support it. The charges, invented by the regime and spread by imperial agents and journalists, are used to keep in chains two Boers, and to promote hatred against whites. Is fuel for the engine of the White Genocide.

Free Juan van Zyl and Günther Kotze!
Free all Boer prisoners!