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Tuesday, 24 January 2012 15:12

Pieter Willem Nel

Piet “Skiet” Rudolph, 1990PW Nel - A word of appreciation and encouragement at your release on parole.

Welcome back to the jungle. You will need a bit of adaptation especially when you wake up in the mornings.

Allow me [Piet “Skiet” Rudolph. Ed.] to share an incident with you from the pages of our struggle and your indirect involvement. If my book were finished you would have read it already.

Way back in 1990 when we stole the weapons at the Air Force Head Quarters to take on the government of FW de Klerk with force due to his abdication, the police started a massive manhunt. I was given to understand that the discovery of the heist would take about 14 days. It was discovered the very next day.

A warrant was issued for my arrest. My search for friends assisting with concealment turned into a nightmare. All my fiery supporters before the warrant, disappeared like mist before the sun. There was no time to arrange for somewhere to stay. That became an absolute urgent necessity.

Weapons - April 1990 Weapons - April 1990

Eugene Terre’Blanche and I were to address a meeting at Krugersdorp, the Wednesday evening. It was decided that I should stay away from Krugersdorp to establish what actions were to come from the police. I took refuge in the house of the reverend Coenie Snyman, next to the Ventersdorp police station. It was also near the graveyard. We decided to meet at the graveyard after Terre’Blanche’s meeting.

Eugene Terre'Blanche. Welkom, 1990

When we met he told me that the police was swarming over the meeting and that it was quite clear that the hunt was on. He instructed his driver and my friend, JP Meyer to take me to Boshof in the Free State. From there I was to have found my way to sympathisers at Graaff-Reinet. At the meeting in the graveyard, there were a number of persons that I did not trust.

JP Meyer, 1990

When JP and I left Ventersdorp I told him to forget about Boshof and to take me to Pretoria. My search for shelter started. It was about 23:00 when left Ventersdorp and it continued right up to 17:30 the next day.

Returning from Nylstroom I requested JP to take me to Trudie Rautenbach near the Hartbeespoort Dam. Her house was clearly visible from the main road. As we approached it, we saw a private vehicle stopping and two gentlemen got out and approached her. I did not gain the impression that there were policemen and I asked JP to go and speak to Trudie. He came back and informed me that the two gentlemen came from Rustenburg and were actually looking for me to hide me in Rustenburg. An act of God!

I stayed with the young man and his beautiful wife for 14 days till the dust settled.

That young man was your sister’s husband. More than 21 years passed since that day. I will always fondly remember that deed when it seemed that I had nowhere to go.

You are of good stock and I salute you - Piet Rudolph.

Orde Boerevolk, June 1990