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Thursday, 03 November 2011 16:32

To “” from Ron, editor of “Republican Trekker Volk” website

Kaapse RebelleHi,
I like the great website that you put together & greatly appreciate you posting some of my own articles on it - but just wanted to point out that the vast majority of the Cape Rebels were Boers from the northern & eastern Cape frontier. That is why so many of them were so quick to join the side of the independent Boers within the Boer Republics. Some Cape Dutch joined the Cape Rebels but the Cape Rebels were overwhelmingly Boers from the Cape frontier.

Keep up the good work.

September 30, 2011.

other correspondence between and Ron. Texts by Ron:
A lot of folks seem to overlook that point because some forget that the north eastern Cape was / is populated by Boers. The Cape Dutch stronghold is within the Western Cape region & most of the Cape Rebels were from the Cape frontier region - ie: Boers.
I am going to set time aside to compose an article on the Cape Rebels because a lot of folks have the same confusion. Some Afrikaner propagandists have used the issue to deny the difference between the Boer & Cape Dutch [ as they erroneously assert that all White Afrikaans speakers in the Cape were Cape Dutch despite the fact that there were always Boers on the Cape frontier ] in order to continue promoting the Afrikaner designation which as you know dispossess the smaller Boer Nation. thanks Ron for his valuable contribution.
The page about Cape rebels flag (Vryburgervlag) has been changed, with text supplied by the same Ron.


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