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Thursday, 31 May 2012 11:07


“Oranje-blanje-blou” (“Orange-white-blue”) flag

The so-called “Oranje-blanje-blou” (“Orange-white-blue”) flag was designed in 1927, and May 31, 1928, was adopted by the Union of South Africa, the empire put together by international capitalism through British military force, after to have defeated and incorporated the free Boer republics in 1902. The “Oranje-blanje-blou” replaced the British flag.

The goal of this change was to give to the south African Empire a new flag that could be considered “acceptable” by all different white components of the Empire: the white Cape Afrikaners (also known as “Cape Dutch”); the Boer; the British.
The “Oranje-blanje-blou” served to promotes a new false “nationalism” primarily based on skin color (not even on the race!), for to contrast the true Boer nationalism, which demanded the freedom lost in the 1902.
The “Oranje-blanje-blou” was, therefore, a new and further attack to the Boer identity.

The “Oranje-blanje-blou” is a collage of flags of different countries and volk. Its basis is the Prinsevlag (a Nederlander flag), while in the center there are three other flags side by side, in order: that of the United Kingdom; that of the Orange Free State (OVS); that of the Zuid Afrikaanse Republiek (ZAR, literally: “South African Republic”, Boer Republic in the Transvaal region). A total of four flags. The Union Flag (or Union Jack), however, comes from a combination of three other flags, of three different volk and countries: England, Scotland and Ireland!

A flag that represent different volk, ins't the flag of any volk; is the flag of an empire.

To combine the flags of the Boer Republics (ZAR and OVS) with the Prinsevlag, the supposed flag of Van Riebeeck, from which the ancestors of the Boers fled!, and with the flag of the United Kingdom, whose military force in the service of international capitalism put an end to the Boer republics, exterminating 27,000 Boers (mostly children) in the concentration camps, is not only a nonsense, it is an abomination, because it means to deny the Boer identity, then the same Boer volk, and all sacrifices that it has made to be free and independent.

The “Oranje-blanje-blou” was cataloged by as a symbol of the Boer Genocide.