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Article of December 10, 2012

The best way to contrast the opposition is to infiltrate its organizations, for to spy on them, but also to influence and to divert them, if not actually to take their control. To do this the regime’s agents pass themselves as activists in good faith. Their activity can be manifold: espionage; promotion of illegal activities that facilitate the arrest of the opponents; actions to discredit the organization, his most important men, and the cause that he pursues.
This has already happened in many other situations, and history teaches us. As just one example: the American FBI in the 60s had more than two thousand agents in the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) [1], when it was been already reduced to only 30,000 members [2]. An agent on 15 don’t serve as spy, but to take control, to influence, divert, discredit and destroy.

The fastest way that a Regime has to control a political movement of opposition is to established it directly by his own agents, so they will be automatically its leaders. A new organization of the opposition, driven by agents of the regime, work good when the agents who control it have a certain popularity in the environment that want to hit, and when that environment is highly fragmented, just as today in South Africa, with regard to Boer movements and White Afrikaners movements. To confuse the identity of the volk and then break it down into parties and movements, this is the strategy of the Enemy.

Cornelia de WetThe complaints of the Boer prisoner Cornelia de Wet cast heavy shadows on a number of organizations of the so-called “Boer-Afrikaner rightwing” (rightwing that confuses the white Afrikaners with the Boers), focused mainly in the security sector and all linked together: Boere Beskermings Forum (BBF), Leeuwag, e Panzer Protection.

Cornelia de Wet has accused senior members of these organizations to have threatened and intimidated her several times, and to be the authors of a series of attacks (the first in May 2010) against her farm, her person, her relatives and her children.
The Boer prisoner Cornelia de Wet, soon after being imprisoned, was hit by a fierce smear campaign aimed to delegitimize her in the eyes of her people. A classic scheme, already proven in many other occasions, made of sexual insinuations and and treason charges. The same strategy, for instance, applied to two great contemporary Boer, Eugene Terre'Blanche and Fred Rundle. Browsing the web there are still blogs created to smear Fred Rundle. They have many similarities with those that now throw mud on Cornelia de Wet.

Some biological Boer, with a background in the imperial police of the “old” and “new” RSA, and links with the organizations referred to above, rushed to declare that if Cornelia de Wet is in prison is her own fault, and it is known that her worked for the police, as claimed by some media. If this argument were true it would mean that the South African regime imprisons those in its service. The absurdity of this thesis demonstrates its falsity. Who collaborates with the South African imperial regime is probably free, while who oppose it or is already in prison or risk to go in jail.
Who is faithful to the Boer volk doesn't believe to the newspapers loyal to the regime, especially when they speak about Boer patriot prisoners, spreading the news provided directly by the imperial police who detained them. Hardly, newspapers loyal to the regime and to the imperial police, will speak well of their opponents and bad of their collaborators.

Who speak against a Boer woman, mother of three children, jailed in the Empire's prisons, can be a biological Boer but isn't a true Boer, because proves that he haven't their spirit. Each volk has its boundaries, biological and spiritual.

The statements of Cornelia de Wet and people close to her can not and must not be ignored. This doesn't mean to accept everything that is referred to as absolute truth, but what we hear must be a stimulus to better analyze the facts, to search for truth.

Organizations that show themselves as faithful to the Boer volk, regardless of who manages them; and established them; and for what reasons; serve to summon Boers in good faith, and in general they recall just them. Let us never forget. Who plays in any organization that declares itself faithful to the Boer volk is, arguably, a true patriot. So it is necessary don't generalize.

To try to distinguish between true patriots and agents in the service of the Empire; between Boer liberation movements and fake alternatives established by the Empire, however, is very important to get to freedom. To follow false people and fake alternatives will not come neither to truth nor freedom.

Boere Beskermings Forum (BBF), Leeuwag, and Panzer Protection

Boere Beskermings Forum (BBF)

Boere Beskermings Forum (BBF) flagThe Boere Beskermings Forum (BBF - Farmer Protection Forum) show itself as a company that train white farmers for self-defense. It claims not to be a political organization, but has its own flag which mixes the colors of the “old” RSA empire (albeit rotated 90 degrees, as in the old flag of Orandeë) with the coat of arms of the Boer Republic of Transvaal (ZAR). A wrong combination, typical of the white Afrikaner organizations which exploit the Boer symbols for their own purposes. The white Afrikaner nature of the organization is confirmed by its adhesion to the policies of the Afrikaner Electoral Commission (VVK) [3].
The leaders of the organization called themselves “general” and wear the uniform of the organization.

Johan PrinslooThe BBF seems to be active since 2010, when its leader was Johan Prinsloo. Johan Prinsloo states [4] to be an agent of the imperial police of the “new” RSA since 1997, that work in the Vehicle Theft Unit.

In 2011, the BBF incorporated the Vrye Burgers Weerstands Beweging (VBWB), another organization of the so-called “Boer-Afrikaner rightwing”, led by Heinrich Muller.

The VBWB was founded by John Els and Elsa Muller, after their expulsion from Azri'EL (self-defense organization of the so-called “Boer-Afrikaner rightwing”), which them had been respectively the military leader and the political leader (the head of the Burgerparty). A few weeks after the foundation, Elsa Muller left the VBWB.

The VBWB, under the leadership of John Els, seems to have discussed a number of armed attacks against the imperial regime, in particular: to hit with mortar fire the stadium of Bloemfontein during the celebrations for the centenary of the African National Congress (ANC), scheduled for January 2012 [5].
Some people believe that these discussions (so distant and disconnected from contingent political reality to appear grotesque) were promoted by regime's agents provocateurs, in order to receive additional funds to finance their repressive activities [6]. Of course, these discussions (even if they do not become action), once revealed to the public opinion, promote an anti-white sentiment, consolidating the imperial regime, and encourage the persecution of the Boers, who regularly end up in jail.
It is also clear that any isolated armed action, then outside the context of a popular struggle for national liberation, don't serve the Cause of the Boers, but only favor the anti-Boer repression.

Jaco Sherman, in Azri'EL uniformAt a later stage the VBWB gave its leadership to Heinrich Muller, and John Els was expelled.
Also Jaco Scherman, former “general” of Azri'EL (organization no longer active) and owner of the Panzer Protection, joined the VBWB.

George Victor BantjesThe Panzer Protection company, of Jaco Scherman, was founded in 2008 [7] and operates in the field of security. Jaco Scherman has had a long career in the imperial police [8] of the “new” RSA where he achieved many specializations in various fields [8].

Among the members of the VBWB there were also George Victor Bantjes, a veteran of the South African Defence Force (SADF) and former member of Azri'EL, and Willie van Zyl, the founders of the Leeuwag. The Leeuwag was linked to VBWB [5], and organized paramilitary training courses: parachuting; use of firearms; medical assistance; special forces training; training in the field of security [9]. The Leeuwag was then absorbed by the Panzer Protection, of Jaco Scherman [10].

Leeuwag advertising

Panzer ProtectionJaco Scherman, after a long career in the imperial police of the “new” RSA, then on the side of the enemy of the Boer volk (and enemy of all white people in general, due to the racist policies that the regime pursues), has made career in the so-called “Boer-Afrikaner rightwing” environment.

That agents or former agents of the imperial regime of the “new” RSA be active in the so-called “Boer-Afrikaner rightwing” environment, until to arrive to its height, shows the lack of credibility of the whole environment. Those who serve Baal can not serve the Elohim of JisraEL [11].

To see Jaco Scherman with the police uniform of the “new” RSA, then raise a flag of the “old” RSA, and then wave a Boer Vierkleur; says a lot about its coherence and its reliability.

Jaco Scherman

Nevertheless Jaco Scherman came to the rank of “general” in Azri'EL. In 2010 he attended a meeting in Springs, organized by the BBF (under the leadership of Johan Prinsloo, agent of the imperial police of the “new” RSA [4]), where he met many leaders of various Boer and white Afrikaners organizations. That the meetings of the white Afrikaners and of the Boer be organized and participated by agents of the imperial police of the “new” RSA, so explicit and impudent, says a lot about the situation of the whole environment.

On 15th April 2012, the Geloftevolk Republikeiene issued a press release [12] in which they expressed serious doubts about Jaco Scherman.

Heinrich MullerShortly after his entry into the BBF, Heinrich Muller (the last leader of the VBWB) was elected its leader.
Even the figure of Heinrich Muller is not without shadows.
In 2008, in the company with others, he camped at Balmoral. The Balmoral Cadets were invited to drink and the conversation was oriented on bomb making [13]. A few days later the imperial police raided at Balmoral.
On 30th September 2010, when the imperial police of the “new” RSA raided again at Balmoral, and arrested Cmdt. Ratte and 9 other people, Heinrich Muller was always in the vicinity, and some Cadets believe that him have co-operated with the police.

Danie Binneman. Balmoral, 2008Among the friends of Heinrich Muller, present at Balmoral in the 2008, there was also Danie Binneman, Boerevryheid forum user with the nickname “Scrooge”, and “general” in the BBF. People report to have heard Danie Binneman boast of having worked with Robert Mcbride [14], and to having given him instructions about the bomb at Magoos bar in Durban in 1986 [13].

Also the Panzer Protection and the Leeuwag merged in the BBF. The Panzer Protection with tasks in the urban environment, while the Leeuwag in the rural one [5]. Both, as already said, under the direct control of Jaco Scherman.
According to some, however, the Leeuwag began to present itself as something different, as the military wing of the BFF, which resumed some discourses of the VBWB.

Col. Hans van GinkelAmong the members of the Leeuwag is also indicated Hans van Ginkel, at the service of the imperial police of the RSA from 1982 to 2003, where he reached the rank of colonel [15].
According to Johan Lubbe, a friend of the Boer prisoner Cornelia de Wet, Col. Hans van Ginkel would have threatened Cornelia on several occasions, in particular: that he get some blacks to rape her and her children, and then that he kill all them.

The BBF, in October 2011, called the imperial police of the “new” RSA to arrest  some Boers, including Günther Kotze. Günther Kotze, in a statement he wrote after his release [16], described the BBF in a completely different way respect to how it describes itself. Instead of a patriotic organization devoted to the Heavenly Father, who works for to help the white farmers, his experience tells us of a band of drunks who feel themselves uncomfortable in front of the Bible.

Boere Beskermings Forum (BBF)In April 2012, the BBF, under the leadership of Heinrich Muller, started the Volksorganisasie Leiersberaad (VOLBER), an organization designed to bring together the leaders of all the various Boer and white Afrikaners organizations,  “who support freedom through self-determination in a positive, practical, legal and sustainable way” [17]. A kind of new and additional white Afrikaners VVK, and as much as that: unclear and damaging, at the top of which was already installed Heinrich Muller, as “president”.
The BBF, therefore, not only supports the VVK [3], but has promoted the establishment of new and similar entities.

Volksorganisasie Leiersberaad (VOLBER)

Cornelia de Wet became part of the Leeuwag. She was contacted via Facebook after have suffered several attacks against her farm (the first in April 2010 [18]), against herself, her children and her relatives. Despite being a strong woman she was completely terrified. She began to deal with the administrative side of the organization, thinking she can receive protection from it. At the same time, as a good patriot, she take care, every day, to give food to Boer children at school. When a her project, about that, received an important donation (40,000 Rand) [19], she was mysteriously banished from the Leeuwag and, according to her own statement, members of BBF / Panzer Protection / Leeuwag began to persecute her in such a way to make her believe that the attacks she has been previously suffered were not committed by blacks (as almost always happens in South Africa, in accordance with the phenomenon known as “White Genocide”) but by whites, members of BBF / Panzer Protection / Leeuwag.

Boer children helped by Cornelia de Wet

The thesis of Cornelia, Johan Lubbe and others [19] is that members of these organizations attack white farmers and then offer protection for a fee.
The imperial regime of the “new” RSA is responsible for the White Genocide in southern Africa and surely doesn't activate itself to help the white farmers. In this case, according to Jan de Wet, brother of Cornelia, the imperial police refused to investigate on the attacks against them [20].

Larry SwartThe last attack against the farm of Cornelia de Wet occurred on 27th April 2012. [19]
Cornelia de Wet, before to be arrested by the Imperial Police, wrote [19] that she has been threatened by various members of BBF / Panzer Protection / Leeuwag; on May 20, in particular, by Larry Swart (another member of the Leeuwag), that would have bombarded her with phone calls, threatening her with death, telling her that he would have arrested her, that he would assault her in cell, and that her children will be removed from her.

Frik Steenberg, with the beret of Azri'ELCornelia de Wet, from the 29th May 2012, in the prisons of the South African  imperial regime, the members and the leaders of BFF / Leeuwag / Panzer Protection are free.

Johan Lubbe believes that to inform police about Cornelia de Wet has been a “commandant” of the Leeuwag, Frik Steenberg, even him a former member of Azri'EL, that Cornelia had indicated among those who have been planned to kill her.

Heinrich Muller has left South Africa [21] and Johan Prinsloo has returned to be the leader of the BBF.

“Our Father in Heaven is keeping her safe, if she was outside of jail, the white traitorous among us would have been able to hurt her, she is under the wing of the Most High, and let the world know, the ANC is scared of a innocent woman.” [22]

South Africa, 2012: the white rightwing of the “new” RSA regime (Part II)

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