1500 km on horseback with a Vierkleur. The trek of Werner Kruger for the Boer volk PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 28 March 2015 10:00


Werner Kruger

The journey has began February 22, 2015, at Blood River. The entire route is 1500 km. Werner Kruger, 38 y.o., Boer nationalist, travel this route with Dapper (“Brave”), his horse, and a Vierkleur in hand. He has helped by his mother, Frieda.
The purpose of the trek is to awaken the Boers, making them remember their origins. Werner, with his journey, is touching the most important places of the Boer history. A history that demonstrates how some areas of southern Africa belong historically to the Boer volk, and no one else. This is also why this trip started just in Natal, where the Boers in 1838 concluded a treaty with the Zulus, receiving lands in the region. From there to Majuba, where in 1881 the Boers (very mobile people of white, mainly Nordic, farmer-warriors and first African people to fight colonialism) defeated the British; to Sand River, where in 1852 the British recognized the independence of the ZAR (the Boer republic in Transvaal); to Bloemfontein, where in 1854 Britain recognized the independence of the Boers between the Orange and Vaal rivers; to Melrose House in Pretoria, where in 1902 the Boers were forced to surrender by the British Empire manipulated by international capitalism (in 1990, at the beginning of the III Boer Rebellion of 1990-1994 a bomb was blown up by Boer nationalists just in Melrose House). The Werner's trek will end in Licthenburg, Western Transvaal.

The pictures of the trek of Werner Kruger