South Africa, Rainbow Nation. White Genocide as apotheosis of anti-racism PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 07 December 2016 19:07


ANC: white children on the cross

Middelburg, South Africa, August 2016. A black man is stopped by two whites, while he is on their property. He is in possession of suspected stolen copper cable. They would like to take him to the police station, but he threaten to kill their families and burn their crop fields. Obviously it is not racism, they are whites.
His threats are not taken lightly, perhaps because the two whites are among the potential victims of the genocide under way in South Africa. So they decide to take him to their farm, and there they placed him in a coffin and threaten him to death. And this is racism, because he is black.
And so, now, the two whites are on trial, while the Black Communists protest out of the court against racism. They raise the placard "Kill White" together “Life Sentence for the Racists“, while they are beating two white dolls, nailed to a cross. All very anti-racist.

Update: Coffin accused claim theft was motive, del 22 novembre 2016
White dolls paraded outside court, del I dicembre 2016


EFF: against racism & kill Whites

EFF: Kill White

ANC: white children on the cross