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Tuesday, 07 September 2010 10:37

The text that follows, by Mike Smith on 21 August 2010, was taken from South Africa Sucks.


Strikes: Start of the final stage of the NDR

Sudafrica, le camicie rosse

In 1976 we had the so called “student uprisings” where the school students protested country wide against the introduction of Afrikaans as an instruction medium in schools.
It was just an excuse to start a Communist revolution or more appropriately named by the Communists, a “National Democratic Revolution”.
The current strikes that we see in South Africa are stage three of the “National Democratic Revolution” (NDR).
The Communists have already gained the political power as well as the military power in South Africa, but the economic power has been a slippery bar of soap so far. The current strikes are a way for the Communists to finally get a firm hold of the economical power in SA.
Some people are astounded that president Zuma can go on a state visit to China at a time when the country is burning. It appears to be a lack of sympathy and leadership on his part. No, Zuma is fully aware of what is going on. Everything is going according to plan. What he went to discuss with the Chinese Communists is the post-revolutionary South Africa. The new Communist-economical model that will be introduced in South Africa after the current economical revolution.
These strikes are fully supported by the SACP [South African Communist Party, ed] and the Communists in the ANC. The trade unions were the ones who brought Zuma to power. The SACP were the brains behind the dethroning of semi-pro-western Thabo Mbeki and the institution of their man, Jacob Zuma.
Part of this strike is also to tie up some unfinished business. We have seen the strikers intimidating white schools and especially Afrikaans schools are severely targeted. The Afrikaners with their strong nationalism culture have always been the traditional enemies of the Communists. These strikes and intimidations are also the start of the final offensive on the Afrikaners…to finally crush them.
Another part of this strike is to reward the masses for their support of Zuma. Promises have been made to the proletariat, expectations have been raised and the proletariat is now demanding that these promises be fulfilled. They want their pound of flesh.
What will be the visible outcome in the near future? Unless the Communists call of their dogs, COSATU (trade unions), these strikes will escalate. The value of the Rand will drop to record lows. Total lawlessness will break out with large scale looting raping and murder. […]
If you want to know how South Africa will look in the near future, then forget about the “Rainbow Nation Utopia” of Mandela… Look north at the hell-hole of Mugabe’s Zimbabwe.

Rainbow exterminNation