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Wednesday, 15 September 2010 15:00

Dr. Hendrik Frensch Verwoerd

Today, 6 September 1966, it will be exactly 44 years ago that this nobleman was cruelly murdered in the House of Assembly.

His murderer being a communist of Portuguese origin who shortly before entered into the country illegally and was appointed as a messenger in parliament. It is claimed that he was mentally disturbed and this murder case in fact never  went to trial.  After he committed the murder, he was found to be mentally disturbed and was kept in custody for the rest of his life.

However. This murder was too carefully planned for a mentally disturbed/unbalanced person.  His return to South Africa and the subsequent discharged of a immigration officer following the investigation of the assassination, his purchase of a dagger rather than a firearm, his presence as junior-messenger inside the boardroom while the bells for the start of the days proceedings already rang, the ease with which he could get to the Prime Minister and the professional way in which the fatal stab wounds were done, still to this day raise some serious questions with no answers as yet.  Then add to this the denial of the countries’ head of security – General Hendrik van den Bergh – that he did not expect the enemy to attack in parliament – this after Dr. Verwoerd already survived an attack on his life – and following all this the one-man judicial commission of Mr. John Vorster who had power over the police and who followed Dr. Verwoerd as prime minister.

Incites against Dr. Verwoerd came from both outside and inside South Africa by way of screams of “Verwoerd must go!” while he continued unperturbed with the implementation of his separate development policy.

The murder of Dr. Verwoerd remind strongly of that of Julius Caesar who was also stabbed to death in the Roman Senate 44 BC. Both these countries degradation started after these murders. In our case we say that his birth date is 6 April 1652 and his date of death is 6 September 1966.

Dr. Verwoerd was a man of strength and a definite leader. His successors unfortunately, weaklings who ruled by deception, betrayal and lies.  The planning and implementation of the destruction of the white man did not take place on the battle field but in the comfort of parliament by those who pretended worthy to follow.

The final chapter is being written now and it will be in blood. But those of us who could see the picture unfold, will come to place flowers on the grave of a great spirit and patriot.


Rest in peace, Doctor Verwoerd


Drawn up by Piet Rudolph on behalf of the Action Committee, Orde Boerevolk
: piet.rudolph@gmail.com
06 September 2010