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Monday, 27 September 2010 17:29

Clive Derby-Lewis


Clive Derby-Lewis was recommended for parole in July 2008, for possible release on 15 October 2008. The Department of Correctional Services (DCS) did absolutely nothing to execute the Parole Board’s recommendation, so the family instituted legal action against DCS to move ahead on their own Parole Board’s recommendation.

The case of course ended up in court where we lost against Advocate George Bizos, twelve senior advocates and various attorneys, representing DCS and Mrs. Hani whose input was suddenly necessary to the processing of the parole. Attorneys Marius Coertze and his wife Elsabe Juin acted on our behalf, and retained advocates to present our case. The advocates were told that the Derby-Lewis family had no money for their fees but that funds would be raised from sympathetic members of the public and friends  to try and cover the legal expenses.

Marius Coertze and Elsabe Juin have acted for Clive Derby-Lewis without ever sending us an account. We have paid them nothing, even though we want to. Our funds have been exhausted over the years due to legal expenses incurred during the trial in 1993, various appeals and the TRC’s amnesty proceedings in 1997/1998. During this time we have received financial support from the public and friends for which we will be forever grateful.

On 3 September 2010 Clive damaged his leg on a bed frame lying around in one of the passages in the Pretoria Central Prison.  He asked to see a doctor but was only able to see the doctor – a Dr. Sebotsane – ten days later, and because of this delay, infection and eventually gangrene had set in to his leg. The doctor didn’t appear to see this danger, and simply prescribed cream for the leg. However, at Clive’s request, the doctor instructed that an X-Ray be taken of the leg, which instruction was ignored.

On  Sunday 19 September during a visit, I saw his leg was swollen and black, and was oozing a horrible discharge, and knew that something urgent would have to be done. Marius Coertze obtained an urgent court order on Monday 20 September to admit Clive to hospital with immediate effect, and Monday afternoon,  Dr. M.C. Durand examined Clive and declared his leg to be gangrenous. Dr. Durand immediately scheduled an operation for the following day. As well, Dr. Durand saw that a sore on Clive’s temple was cancerous. Clive had had this sore for some years and had asked Dr. Sebotsane about it, only to be given cream to apply to the sore.

Elsabe Juin’s report on what has happened as a result of the urgent court order is now sent to you as well.  Without Marius Coertze and Elsabe Juin, Clive would probably have died in prison, as we cannot afford legal fees, having been wiped out over the years fighting in the courts foe justice for Clive.

Marius and Elsabe are now in danger of losing their practice because two of the advocates we retained in 2008 , Mr. Herman Barnardt and Mr. Danie van Loggerenberg, have now issued summary judgement against Marius and Elsabe and if R160 000 cannot be paid before the end of October, these two good people will lose their practice and thus their livelihood.

It cannot be that these two good people who have given legal service to Clive over the years and haven’t asked for one penny from him, must now be the victims of two advocates who knew we would have to raise money from the public, but who will now not wait and who will see Marius and Elsabe ruined for the sum of R160 000.

I am thus asking for your help in trying to raise this money to pay these advocates so that they will not put the Marius Coertze practice at risk.

Please help as these people have saved Clive’s life. Without the urgent court order against DCS, Clive’s leg would have worsened and he would probably have lost it, and the cancer would have become worse. Clive’s blood tests also show the appearance of prostate cancer and a urologist must be brought in to examine Clive. Clive will have to undergo further operations this coming Tuesday on his face and his leg, and there is talk that skin grafts may be necessary. In addition, the doctors have put him on stronger anti-biotic treatment as the poison in his leg was moving  up above his knee towards the groin.


Please help. Marius Coertze’s bank details are:

Marius Coertze Trust Account
Nedbank, Gezina Branch, Pretoria.
Branch Code: 160 345
Account Number 1603 091 378


Please send me details of your deposit so that we can reconcile the deposits and so I can tell Clive who has helped.

We can only say thank you in anticipation, and thanks to Marius and Elsabe who have literally saved Clive’s life.

Gaye Derby-Lewis

26 September 2010