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Tuesday, 05 October 2010 14:16


Boer political prisoners

This section is dedicated to Boer political prisoners.
Their sacrifices, as well as their names should not be forgotten.
First thing we are trying to make a list with names, maybe photos (even older), prison number and prison name. Isn’t an easy task, and is necessary the help of everyone, so we hope to improve with time. We apologize for any errors, omissions and inaccuracies.
We want to list the men still in prison, that have acted convinced to serve the nation, or who are imprisoned with unjustly accused, just because they are patriots.
The struggle of the Boer volk for its freedom can’t be condemned.
The ANC’s regime can not deny freedom to Boer volk - as well as to other nations of southern Africa. We claim the release of all Boer freedom fighters, as we claim the right to freedom for the Boer volk.

People with information can contact the administrator of, to add or remove names, to insert prison numbers or photographs, to update the positions of individual men and possibly to remove those who were released from prison:



Arrested in 1993
Clive Derby-Lewis, 93623417 - medical parole
Janusz Waluś, 93616101 - Central Pretoria

Arrested in 1994:

Phil Kloppers, 94254110 - Out on parole
Deon Maartin, 94254109 - Out on parole
Jaco Badenhorst, 94271485 - Out on parole
Callie Meiring, 94271484 - Zonderwater
Andre Visser, 94271486 - Out on parole
Etienne Visser, 94271487 - Out on parole
Pieter Matthews, 94271483 - Out on parole

Arrested between 1995 and 1997:
Nicolaas Clifton Barnard (Cliffie), 97433103 - Port Elizabeth
Abraham Liebrecht Myburgh (Koper), 97433104 - Central Pretoria
Johannes van der Westhuizen, 97148601 - Upington
Daniel Stephanus Coetzee (Stefaans), 97156604 - Central Pretoria

Arrested in 1995:
Alexander Whitehead, 206364824 - Upington
Gerhardus Taljaard, 206364823-  Douglas
Hans Wessels, 206364822 - Douglas
Arend de Waal, 206364821 - Douglas
Ryan Albutt, 2063648? - Upington
Willem Jacobs, 2063848? - Upington

Arrested in 1997:
Ferdi Barnard, C max in Central Pretoria

Arrested in 1998:

Hendrik du Preez, 200100523 - Bloemfontein
Petrus du Preez, 200100522 - Out on parole
Jan Marius Swanepoel, 2001500521 - Bloemfontein

Convicted in 2000:
Christiaan Harmse, 200399967 - Out on parole
Pierre Jacobs, 200399966 - Out on parole
Pieter Willem Nel, 200399968 - Out on parole

Jaun van Wyk, 94627369 - Leeukop
Douglas Schwartz, 93620332 - Out on parole
Ockie de Meilon, 95014233 - Out on parole

Pieter van Heerden Henning, 97650447 - Newcastle
Albertus George van Aswegen, 200462419 - Waterval
Johan Isak Jacobus Potgieter, 99658426 - Waterval
Charles Edward Austin, 99102064 - Zonderwater
De Wet Kritzinger, Central Pretoria
Johan Nel Rustenburg
Jaco Bochhardt
Mev Bochardt, Out on bail

Not sure:
De Ru 95408688, Groenpunt
Horst Lenz 94622889, Out on parole
Pieter Groenewald, Out on parole
Douglas Swartz, 93620332 - Out on parole
Bazil Swart, Out on parole
Hannes Steyn, 93620332 - Out on parole
Van Wyk CJ, 94627369 - Out on parole

Arrested in 2002:
Mike du Toit - Zonderwater
Andre Du Toit - Klerksdorp Prison
Johan Pretorius - Pretoria Central Prison
Kobus Pretorius - Section B Pretoria Prison
Wilhelm Pretorius - Pretoria Central Prison
Gerhardus Visagie - Nylstroom Prison
Herman van Rooyen - Baviaanspoort Prison (Pretoria)
Rudi Gouws - Zonderwater
Tom Vorster - Zonderwater
Dirk Hanekom - Prigione Baviaanspoort (Pretoria)
Jurie Vermeulen - Prigione di Virginia
Jacobus “Rooikoos” du Plessis - Losperfontein Prison
Deon van den Heever - Baviaanspoort Prison (Pretoria)
Dr Lets Pretorius - Pretoria Central Prison
Frits Naude (hospitalised)
Adriaan van Wyk, Out on parole
Jacques Jordaan, Out on parole
Kol Machiel Burger, Out on parole
Pieter van Deventer, Out on parole
Jacques Olivier, Out on parole

Arrested at Balmoral, 30th September 2010:
Eugene Becker, died
Justin Schoeman, Out on bail
Corne de Beer, Out on bail
Visser Petrus, Out on bail
Marais Bouwer,
Sentence suspended
Raymond Senekal, Out on bail
Wesley Borman, Out on bail
Christopher Meyer, Out on bail

Arrested at Naboomspruit, 25h November 2011:
Günther Kotze, Out on bail
Juan van Zyl, Out on bail

Arrested at Carolina, 31st May 2012:
Cornelia de Wet, Out on bail


Freedom for all Boer prisoners!