Direct statement by Willem Ratte from prison (2th and 11th Oct 2010) PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 13 October 2010 21:42

Willem Ratte

I Willem Ratte, the undersigned testifies the following under oath:

1. I was fetched at the police station yesterday, 01 October 2010,and taken by a policeman in normal cloths to Balmoral in a police vehicle.
There my “watchman” had me sit down next to the hostel, while the police and dogs looked in and around the building for whatever. They did not speak to me.
While I was sitting, a male member of organised crime Middleburg walked to the pick-up van that I used the previous day to drive from Pretoria to Balmoral, later a female and another male member joined the first one. On the back of the pick-up van was my bag which contained my personal belongings, they took my bag and opened it, dug in it, and took things out and looked at them.
Because I thought they were looking for something illegal, I was not worried. then somebody brought police plastic bags and started packing some of my belongings in the bags and taking them away. It hen remembered that there was money in a plastic bag in my bag that would be use to buy more cement and building material, the amount was R1100 in total. I then asked if they were also going to take my money, I was told by them that there is no money. They looked through the whole bag again, but did not find anything. the pick-up van was about 20m far from me.

I was sitting at the watchman with cuffs on me feet the whole time, and asked people to ask at the pick-up van. They must of known that the items at the back of the pick-up van was mine, as my ID and passport was there.

Nobody asked me to accompany them while they searched through my bag, and I could not see what they were doing with their hands in my bag on the back of the van. Nobody gave me an indication of what they had taken, nor did I receive a receipt for anything, although there were expensive items such as a new GPS (which had not been used yet) and a notebook/laptop, etc.
I suspect that the man from organized crime stole my money. I am also afraid that they will also steel some of the other things, as they did not give me a receipt.

Willem Ratte


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South Africa is supposed to be a signatory to international conventions governing non violent protest. None of its rules have been followed. One week ago, I handed in a statement to court that I have...  stopped eating since 1 October 2010 in protest at the unlawfull handling off into detention of the five youngsters among us. On Wednesday last, the high court saw fit to condone the trampling on people’s rights, the storming into houses without warrant, the stealing of money, watches and without giving receipts, and the hauling of people off into detention without properly arresting them, typical of the oh-so-democratic and oh-so-full-of human-rights. So called new South Africa’s hypocrisy, falseness and injustice.

Therefore I will now continue my hunger strike, until the state persecutor, whose forces hauled me off into detention on fabricated spurious charges, until he drops these charges, or the court throws them out. I also want all my confiscated property returned.

I am sick and tired of the hypocrisy , falseness and injustice of the new South Africa.

I am sick and tired of arrogant police black and white, trampling on decent people’s rights, stealing and taking anything they fancy without acknowledgement.

I am sick and tired of a lying white informer scum like Mike Hough.

I am sick and tired of armed police who should be protecting the public against real threats, forcing us into police cells to be robbed instead.

I am sick and tired of being inside a police cell while a youngster I being raped because the police don’t care and are too busy smuggling drugs and making money from the gangsters in charge anyway.

I am sick and tired of being read my so-called rights by a smug policeman, while everyone knows it is just a farce.

I am sick and tired of being treated like a dangerous criminal, with huge police escorts, hordes of armed-to-the-teeth task force members, and all the accompanying circus, while killers and rapists and robbers roam free and kill and rape and rob to their hearts content.

I am also sick and tired of stealing and drug smuggling policemen.

I am sick and tired of the Boer hating mass media smearing our people and blowing things out of all proportion, while weapons displayed belonged to several owners and either had licenses or were thought to have licenses, or did not need any or were pellet guns.

I am sick and tired of state agencies continuing to oppress, persecute and smear us Boers at every opportunity. I thought the presidency of Jacob Zuma would bring an improvement, but it seems the state agencies just make and break as they like, sure in the knowledge that their actions will be condoned by the courts.