Petition for Willem Ratte, Pretoria 15th October 2010 PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 14 October 2010 17:55

Willem Ratte

Piet Rudolph, Boer nationalist and leader of the Orde Boerevolk, has launched a petition in favor of Willem Ratte, Boer patriot arrested at Balmoraal the 30th September 2010, along with 9 other men, and with them currently imprisoned in Witbank.
The petition - distributed on the web - demands justice, it emphasizing the great reputation of the Comandant Ratte - decorated war hero, the inconsistency of the charges, and the fact that he is carryng a hunger strike for protest that damage his health.
The petition will be delivered tomorrow morning, 15th October 2010, directly to National Prosecutions Service in Pretoria.
The appointment is for 9:00 am in Church Square East.