South Africa, Witbank 25th Oct. 2010, at 08:30. Free Ratte, free Boer patriots! PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 23 October 2010 12:31

Free Kmdt. Ratte - Do they want him dead?

Monday, 25th October 2010, at 08:30, the Kmdt. Willem Ratte and Eugene Becker - arrested the 30th Sept. at Balmoral, will be back in court in Witbank. The Kmdt. Ratte is on hunger strike in protest against the illegality of his arrest and detention since 1st October.
The Verkennersbeweging (the Boer Scout Movement) issued a statement calling for the release of Ratte, and invites everyone to be present Monday, bringing a Boer flag, to show solidarity with the Comandant and ask for to stop the repression against the Boer patriots.
The association “Vriende van Willem Ratte” (in English: “Friends of Willem Ratte”), in a statement (in Afrikaans) has highlighted the pretext of the allegations, the abuse suffered by persons arrested, the seizure of material legally held, the theft of Comandant’s money. At the end of the statement: an invitation to be present on Monday, at 08.30, in Witbank.
They have to free Ratte. Or maybe do they want him dead? After Terre’Blanche, do die also Kmdt. Ratte?