South Africa, whites under attack: 28th October 2010 PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 30 October 2010 20:59

The text below was taken from South African Uncensored News website, update of 30th October 2010.

Rita Cloete[…]
Afrikaans women targets of black attackers.
[…] sisters Rita Cloete and Lida Prinsloo, […] were both hijacked on the same day in separate armed attacks by armed gangs – eight hours apart at Mrs Prinsloo’s home in Springs. Mrs Cloete’s broken wrists – the attackers had beaten her with a rifle-butt – required surgery. The double hijackings took place in front of her sister Lida Prinsloo’s home in Eastvale Street, Springs. Cellphones and credit-cards were looted.
Loud siren had gang flee.
In both hijackings the attackers were very brutal and aggressive […]