South Africa: attacks against whites (anti-apartheid campaigners included) – 29th Oct. 2010 PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 03 November 2010 14:07

News from Beeld and Uncensored South Africa News

Jan and Madi DitmarsMrs. Madi Ditmars, 50 y.o., wife of Dutch anti-apartheid campaigner Jan Ditmars (59 y.o), shoots dead a black attacker.
Jan Ditmars emigrated to South Africa in 1994, to help ANC to create a single regime in southern Africa. However, he nearly lost his wife in the shootout, which was launched by a black male gang from about 19:15 on Friday night purportedly in the Dutch couple’s livingroom/office.
Their attackers probably don’t differentiated between who pro and against Apartheid system, or between Europeans and South Africans, or between Afrikaners and Boers. For black racist guerrilla: if you are white, your are a target.
Mrs. Madi Ditmars, was injured in the shoulder. She shoot several times and killed an attacker.
Jan Ditmars hastened to reassure the news media that the armed attack by at least four black men wasn’t race-related at all, and only “purely a robbery”. However, the gang fled without robbing anything.