South Africa: white disabled tortured in Walkerville (29th Oct. 2010) PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 04 November 2010 11:54

Chris BronkhorstNews from Beeld and Uncensored South African News

Chris Bronkhorst, 67 y.o., was attacked in Walkerville, near Johannesburg, by four young black men just after his wife Hester, 60, a pharmacist’ assistant, had left for work at 8am. He is partially-disabled in the left arm and leg and has memory loss after suffering two strokes last year.
Chris Bronkhorst is been tortured; they dripped melting plastic on his hands, and lashed him with sjambok (traditional heavy leather whip). Now he is been recovered at Milpark Hospital, in Johannesburg.
The torturers have took jewellery, a cell phone, a watch and cash at the total value of about 10,000 R (about 1,033 Euro).