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Thursday, 04 November 2010 15:36

Cross at Balmoral

From Suiderkruis Afrika website (“Southern Cross Africa” - of Willem Ratte)

Our Structure
Our organisation’s structure consist of a founder member and three trustees. We operate under the registered name “SCA/SKA TRUST”, which stands for “Southern Cross Africa Trust”. [Foundation]. We  have a South African based bank account by the same name.

Our Mission
To tell the truth about  Southern Africa under the Southern Cross: Past, Present and Future.

Our Stand
We are independent and unashamedly outspoken, opposed to all political holy cows, and insist on the freedom and independence of each and every people and nation. We call a spade a spade and we reject, with contempt, all the ludicrous excuses for the creeping genocide, the brutality, discrimination, incompetence and corruption on this so-called Dark Continent.

The text below was taken from a page of the old edition of “Southern Cross Africa” website.

[…] We are in dire need of the world to look and listen to our cause and demand for justice. Ours is a just cause to save a dying Southern Africa, its tribes and nations, its natural resources and splendid beauty, from the corrupt Communist scavengers and cleptomaniacs. We therefore call on all thinking and decent people anywhere not to be misled by the politically correct propaganda reminiscent of the Soviet era, but to look at the grim reality as experienced by all the peoples of Southern Africa. We would like to work together with other freedom-loving nations of the world to resist the culture of destruction and corruption under the present Big Brother regimes.

Southern Cross Africa