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Friday, 05 November 2010 20:08

Clive Derby-Lewis

The health of Clive Derby-Lewis, patriot of 74 years old imprisoned by ANC’s regime in southern Africa empire, isn’t good.
He underwent his fifth operation on Wednesday (3rd November 2010) to remove the last of the skin cancer from his face.
“He has been diagnosed with prostate cancer, which (was) confirmed a week ago with a biopsy, but during the operation yesterday (Wednesday) it was discovered that it is much worse than was expected,” his lawyer Marius Coertze said in a statement.
“The cancer has already spread to some of his other internal organs, which is bad news. He will receive chemotherapy and radiation in an attempt to slow down the cancer.”
Clive right leg, where gangrene and dead tissue had been surgically removed, was healing well. He was still suffering from hypertension but was being medicated daily to keep it under control.
Clive’s wife, Gaye, was prevented from visiting him last week because she did not have a visiting pass with her, even though the visit had been arranged.
Also, since his wife was accused by regime of smuggling in a laptop for him, he had been refused any reading material.
“Also, he has been refused to receive clean washing - mainly pyjamas - from his wife during visits. He is still being chained to his bed during most part of the day,” Coertze said.

Clive Derby-Lewis was sentenced to death (the sentence was commuted to life imprisonment once the death penalty was been abolished) for complicity in the murder of Chris Hani, execute in 1993.
Chris Hani wasn’t a pacifist and wasn’t a freedom fighter. He was a Communist who wanted to imprison all nations of southern Africa under a single regime. And for this aim he fought and killed. Until someone killed him.
Janusz Walus, an anti-communist Polish who emigrated in South Africa, the 10th April 1993 shot dead Chris Hani. The gun used had been supplied to him by Clive Derby-Lewis, member of the Konserwatiewe Party (KP, in English: Conservative Party).
The murder of Hani, in the intent of the two, was aimed to stopping the process undertaken by the South African elites, to deliver power to ANC all over the entire region.

While the ex-fighters of the ANC reign over the entire region, those Afrikaners and Boers are still in jail.
Freedom for all Afrikaners and Boers prisoners! Freedom for all freedom fighters!