South Africa. Boer genocide: killed Tolstoi Schoeman (16th Dec. 2010) PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 18 December 2010 21:43

Güdryn SchoemanNews from Beeld and Censorbugbear Reports

16th December 2010, Vygeboom, near Badplaas in the east of Transvaal (Azania, the capitalist-communist empire of southern Africa, first changed the name of that area in “Eastern Transvaal”, then in “Mpumalanga”. An other kind of genocide…).
Tolstoi Schoeman (86 y.o.) is been killed, and his wife Güdryn (65 y.o.) kidnapped.
They were asleep in their beds when a group of black males invaded their farm. Mr. Schoeman was tied up and suffocated with his pyjama pants. The gang then kidnapped Mrs. Schoeman in the Boer couple’s own car: they drove her to Machadodorp and forced her to withdraw cash from the bank account that she shared with her husband. Then, they crashed the car and fled from the wreckage, leaving the injured Mrs. Schoeman inside