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Thursday, 24 February 2011 13:05

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Events at Paardekraal [17 Feb, 2011. Ed]

Piet "Skiet" Rudolph

The deceptions and distortions of the Afrikaners in the so-called VVK, where Boer sentiment about our history, our desire of freedom, and any lie of the ANC, are flaunted, was arrived a boil that sometime had to burst.

The fact that this dubious organization has used the Boer monument at Paardekraal for their abominations, disgusting our Boer sentiment and shows how reckless are the Afrikaners in their distortions. From a Dopper minister who consistently preached and prayed on Afrikaner, and the dance steps of the supposed candidates to showed themselves as Afrikaners and when it sounds good, a Boer diaper is picking, worned and dressed, but now to change. On the same parade were those who boasted their military service and ranks, and the escaped from conscription Dan Roodt.

I had nothing to do with any assault on Paul Kruger, who chaired the event. I was not near it, otherwise I would try to avoid it. He is a lawyer and skilled enough to know that the previous events that leading to the assault, are very important, also in court. His alleged assailant’s great-grandfather was one of the builders of Paardekraal. There is a stone erected to his honour at Paardekraal monument.

After the meeting I ask questions and I make interjections, which is still acceptable. It is my democratic right. Unfortunately there is resentment among Afrikaners to ask for answers and explanations. For this, I cursed, beaten and spat in the face by many younger people than me. I am 74 y.o. this year. This is the behaviour of people who call themselves Christians.

The events in which I am charged, occurred after I’m sitting in the street outside Paardekraal. I’ve had reason to fear for my life. It will not stop me to do my duty. I have not a fear to be locked. Here there are institutions like the courts in which one can appeal.

A fake statement made by the Afrikaners accused me to be under influence of alcohol and unsteady on my feet. I don’t drink anything and anyone who knows me, knows that. I am a diabetic who have problems with my vision. This happened that evening.

One of the candidates of the VVK, Dan Roodt, has written a disgusting poem on Boer women now come in circulation. To argue that the “poem” it was written thirty years ago, is an excuse for offered to him the opportunity to excuse himself. It is a direct insult to Boer women of the worst degree. Dan Roodt will have to plan to excuse for his scribbler work, or accept the consequences.
We have not heard a word of disapproval from the ranks of the VVK. Their silence is seen as condoning.

Compiled by Piet Rudolph on behalf of the Action Committee, Orde Boerevolk.


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