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Flag of the Republic of Natalia

Flag of the Republic of Natalia
The flag of the Republic of Natalia was adopted on 24 December 1839, and is an altered version of the Three-colour flag.
The Republic of Natalia was founded by Voortrekkers after the Battle of Blood River (December 16, 1838).
The lands of the Republic of Natalia was ceded to the Boers with the agreement of February 4, 1838, signed by the Zulu King Dingaan and the Boer leader Piet Retief. The agreement commits the Boers to recover cattle stolen by Sekonyela, the chief of the Tlokwa. The mission was successful but the agreement was violated by Dingaan, Piet Retief was killed, and 600 Boers - men, women and children - killed by the Zulu. Such violence led to the Battle of Blood River, where 470 Voortrekkers, led by Andries Pretorius defeated an army of more than 15,000 Zulus.
The Republic of Natalia lost his freedom on August 8, 1843, when it was annexed to the British Empire. Many Boers left the country and continued their migration to north, in Transorangia (the future Orange Free State) and Transvaal.