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From "Storm", AWB newsletter nr. 16, Oct-Dec 2003.

Josias Alexander Cruywagen
February 8, 1947 - September 26, 2003

AWB-Wenkommando Gen. Josias Alexander Cruywagen, 1993Alec Cruywagen was born on February 8, 1947 at Rouxville in the Vrystaat. After schooling, he studied veterinary science and focuses on farming. In the late eighties he joined the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB) and progress till to the rank of General in 1990. He was the first general of the AWB and later became Chief of Staff and later assistant commandant-general of the Movement.

After the founding of the AWB Wenkommando he became the commander of the Suid-Wenkommando, he helps Wenkommando across the country to establish and organize training camps for to mobilize the Boer volk. Originally, the training camps were only for men, but he feels strongly that the women of the volk needed training. An outcome of the training to the women was the establishment of an elite unit for women in the AWB Wenkommando structure, the Rooivalke.

At the request of the Boers, he also initiated action to protect farms on Lesotho and Transkei borders. Horse and bike patrols were part of these actions and so ensure that theft and attacks on farmers drastically reduced. Although the NP government would want to deny, the former minister Cobie Cotzee impressed and grateful for the support of the AWB on the borders.

In April 1992 he was delegated to a rightwing congress in Athens, Greece, to represent the AWB. There he met several right-wing leaders from all over the world. In Greece he gained honorary membership of the New Dawn movement and he  explained to the foreign rightists the history of South Africa, how people lived and was educated in South Africa.

In Standerton he and the Wenkommando stopped an ANC march that would run through the white neighborhood, and in Warrenton he lead to obtain a court order to prohibit an ANC march through the town.

AWB-Wenkommando Gen. Josias Alexander CruywagenOne of the most sensational events in which Alec had a major role, was the siege of the World Trade Center at Kempton Park in 1993. He was the driver of the armored vehicle drove through the windows of the center. His son, Cruy was also the first person who entered in the center. This event has the world shock waves. In spite of the police could offer little evidence against him in the lawsuit that followed, he was convicted to six years imprisonment, suspended for five years. The trial lasted three weeks and during this trial, Alec was also involved in the defensive action in Boputhatswana, upon request of Lucas Mangope.

Alec in the withdrawal from Boputhatswana took command. Although the convoy come under the gun and mortar fire by blacks in civil dress, and even (according to the testimony of Alec and other men in the withdrawal convoy) by persons in 32nd battalion uniform, he managed to get the men back in South Africa. Unfortunately, three men of the convoy moves without his knowledge and were murdered in cold blood.

With the arrest of 34 AWB members in 1994 after a terrible bomb campaign, Alec was one of the accused. Alec during this time of prolonged interrogation by policemen, was called to answer questions about various topics. During this time he proved how strong their ideological views were, and they could not break him. The case against him be withdrawn because the state had no evidence against him.

Alec had a chance to see it which many gave up and said it could not be done. To the last he tried to warn his people to be prepared on what lies ahead. When judgment day comes, and then on to ask, “Cain, where is your brother”, he can answer, me where between my people, here at Balmoral's concentration camp cemetery where freedom so high price demanded. His name deserves a prominent place in our volk's history. He truly lived for his God, the Boer volk and the restoration of the Boer republics.

“Strive for the truth unto death, and Yahweh shall fight for thee. Be not hasty in thy tongue, and in thy deeds slack and remiss.” Sirach 4:28

AWB-Wenkommando Gen. Josias Alexander Cruywagen

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Book: Boerestaat, by Robert van Tonder
First English Edition [1977]


Chapter 3

The 19th century Boere states

The Boere states (1838 - 1902)

In the previous century our Boere faulk already had our own sovereign states. They were the Republic of Natalia, the Republic of the Orange Free State, the Transvaal Republic (Z.A.R.) and the Republic of Vryheid. Britain destroyed all these states and subjugated the Boere.

The Netherlands occupied the Cape in 1652 and colonised it with “vryburgers”[8]. The trek to the interior started almost immediately. Not only to acquire living space but, and this is seldom mentioned, also to escape Dutch tyranny. The first Boere republics of Swellendam and Graaf-Reinet were established as early as 1795 in opposition to Dutch domination. But in 1806, after the British took over the Cape from the Dutch, the subjugation of us Boere started in earnest.

Our Boere language was prohibited in the schools and government offices. A Dutch dictatorship was replaced by an iniquitous British dictatorship and by 1830 we Boere, who already was developed our own unique language and culture on the frontier, started leaving the Cape Colony in an enormous mass migration. This was the so called “Great Trek”, the true birth of the Boere faulk. By discarding the yoke of foreign rulers and taking charge of our destiny these emigrant Boere gave Birth to a new faulk, the Boere faulk.

There were two major schools of thought. Piet Retief believed that freedom and independence could be obtained through negotiation with the British, and the Zulus of Natal. The more far-sighted Hendrik Potgieter believed in moving as far away from the British as possible – and this included staying away from the sea – into an area unoccupied by blacks. Retief said: “Natal ho!” Potgieter said: “[Orange. Ed.] Free State and Transvaal ho!” Potgieter proved to be the wiser and more far-sighted man. Retief's plans ended in tragedy and failure. Potgieter's actions led to the successful establishment of the sovereign Boere states of Transvaal and [Orange. Ed.] Free State which were accorded international recognition.

8. Literally – 'Free Citizens'
9. Migration

President M. T. Steyn, last president of the Republic of the Orange Free State

President Paul Kruger, last president of the Transvaal Boere Republic

General Lucas Meyer, President of the Republic of Vryheid that was incorporated into the Transvaal Boere Republic in 1888

Chapter 2 - Contents - Chapter 4

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Free the Boer prisoners / Bevry die Boeregevangenes

Help stop the injustice towards the Boer People in South Africa - Help to free the Boer prisoners of conscience – The Forgotten Prisoners

By Wilhelm Pretorius, Boer prisoner of war detained in Local Prison Pretoria.
May 20, 2012

Wilhelm Pretorius - Boer prisoner of warBefore 1994, when South Africa tumbled into political turmoil, many of the Boer people fought for their freedom. They fought and strived for freedom of the Boers. To have a piece of land they can call home, fought for by their forefathers, gained through suffering, sweat and blood. But the war was lost and South Africa went into a multi ethnic democracy, or so it is claimed to be....

The facts are: Although the international media pictures South Africa as a rainbow country of peace, love and prosperity, the truth is far from it. The Boer people suffer daily discrimination against them purely on account of their race and ethnicity. One of these discriminations that the Boer people suffer is in the suffering and injustice towards their political prisoners. Peter Benenson wrote an article in 1961 about political prisoners, he called Prisoners of conscience. He described them as:
“Any person who is physically restrained (by imprisonment or otherwise) from expressing (in any form of words or symbols) any opinion which he honestly holds and which does not advocate or condone personal violence. We also exclude those people who have conspired with a foreign government to overthrow their own.” The injustice towards the Boer prisoners of conscience is even worse. They are not being kept in prison because of their deeds, but because of their race, believes and who they are. Their deeds are just the excuse for keeping them there.

About 50 of the Boer political prisoners are currently being held captive in South African prisons under inhumane circumstances. The Boeremag trial is still ongoing since 2002. Eleven accused in the Boeremag trial are repeatedly refused bail, still in incarceration, still awaiting trial detainees for almost 10 years.

The world praises countries who gives amnesty, and yet turning a blind eye for injustice! Therefore we ask for your support in ending this injustice. Spread the word and let the international community open its eyes to this injustice and start acting on it. It is time to set the Boer Prisoners of conscience free!

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Boer children and women in the British concentration camps

On May 9, I had an interesting conversation with Theuns Cloete, great Boer patriot and a great Boer history expert, and also Director of Boervolk Radio. Among other things, Theuns pointed out to me that there is much confusion about the 27,000 Boers died in the British concentration camps in southern Africa, during 1900-1902.
It is generally thought that most of these 27,000 dead were women. Perhaps because there are several monuments that recall the Boer women, and when people speak of the dead in concentration camp, ever citing first women then children. But the truth is otherwise.
Of the 27,000 deaths: 24,000 were children (under 16 years); 2,200 were women; 800 were men.
The Boer population, before the Second Anglo-Boer War, was about 180,000 up to 220,000, of which 50,000 were children.
The British concentration camps, a weapon of international capitalism moved to the conquest of the Boer Republics, exterminated about 50% of the Boer child population. The nature of things was reversed, and mothers and fathers saw their children die. Indeed, the best way to delete a volk is to make dying his children.

The extermination of the Boer child population

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Genocide Watch, New World Order

In recent days the Boer singer Sunette Bridges has published some texts of letters exchanged with Dr. Gregory H. Stanton, President of Genocide Watch, a globalist organization that deals with genocides.
Ms. Bridges, before the racist extermination of whites (mainly Boers) in southern Africa, has decided to turn to that organization, believing that they can help.

The nature of Genocide Watch
A globalist organization as instrument of opposition to genocide is a contradiction in terms, since the globalism (promoted by international capitalism-communism) works specifically to destroy and confuse the specific identity of the peoples, and also this is genocide. Organizations such as Genocide Watch are not the solution to the problem, but organic parts thereof.
Genocide Watch is a tool of the so-called “New World Order”, the Enemy of each volk on the planet.

Recommendations and orders of the New World Order
Dr. Gregory H. Stanton, in the correspondence to Ms. Bridges, doesn't deny the seriousness of the situation:

“[...] now have evidence that the murders of Afrikaaner farmers and other whites is organized by racist communists determined to drive whites out of South Africa [...]”

But the volk are not free, which states should exist or not exist, how and when, is decide by supranational organizations:

“[...] the UN will never allow creation of a separate state for whites in South Africa.”

The Boers don't want a “white” Empire, they want a Boer state. The “white” Empire in southern Africa was an invention of international capitalism, which was made with the conquest of the free Boer Republics.
Races haven't the right to independence and self-determination, the volk have it. And the Boers are a volk, the only white African volk. Perhaps that is why Dr. Gregory H. Stanton avoids the term “Boer”, because it can not be denied the right to independence of the Boers in southern Africa.
The current South Africa isn't the state of a volk, but an Empire, which imprisons different volk together. Yet it is legitimate for the UN, as also for Genocide Watch; and not only: the UN acted to create this empire, in his actual form, because is conforms to the interests of international capitalism-communism.

So here comes the advice to victims of the White Genocide in southern Africa:
“[...] We are encouraging governments like Australia and the US to adopt liberal asylum policies for South African whites so they can leave South Africa. [...]”

White Afrikaners and Genocide Watch
Dr. Gregory H. Stanton writes that:
“[...] We are also proposing a concert in South Africa to oppose all forms of racism and genocide, and Steve Hofmyer has agreed to participate. [...]”

The participation of Steve Hofmyer, already active in the Onafhanklike Afrikaner-selfbeskikkingsekspedisie (OASE - Independent Afrikaner Self-determination Mission), an organization that works (like the VVK) to confuse the Boer identity with of a supposed white Afrikaner identity, is coherent with an activity intended to divert the Boer volk.

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