The Boers at the U.N. - 1995 Print
Thursday, 22 March 2012 07:00


Boers put their case to the U.N.! September 1995 edition of “Sweepslag”

The Boere Republikeinse Verkiesingskommissie (BVK; in English: Boer Republican Electoral Commission), was a committee supported by various Boer movements and associations - including: Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB); Boerestaat Party (BSP); Boere Weerstandsbeweging (BWB); Boere Vryheidsbeweging (BVB);  Boere Krisisaksie (BKA); Radio Donkerhoek; Mynwerkersunie; Vakbond Yster en Staal - which had the task of register Boers for the election of a “Boer Volksraad” (Boer parliament).

In July 1995 a delegation of the BVK went to Switzerland, and on July 22 presented a document at the United Nations conference on indigenous peoples in Geneva, which called for the recognition of the Boer as indigenous people.

The BVK delegation was composed by: Fritz Meyer (Chairman of the BVK); Fred Rundle (Chief Negotiator of the AWB); Gen. Willem Etsebeth; and Waldi van Zyl.

Fred Rundle - in his role as spokesman for the BVK -  upon his return to southern Africa, told to reporters: “We are indigenous people from the soil”. “We don’t know any other country. We don’t claim to represent all whites in South Africa. We only represent the Boers. Afrikaners are distinctly different from Boers. The Boers were the people who tamed the country, who fought the British.” “We are not interested in any elections held by the ANC. We leave that to the Vryheidsfront and the Konserwatiewe Party.”

The picture above, which documents the initiative, is the September 1995 edition of “Sweepslag” (for many years the official newsletter of the AWB).