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Sunday, 03 April 2011 00:21

Exactly one year ago, the 3rd April 2010, two blacks murdered and slaughtered Eugene Terre’Blanche, historical leader of the AWB, the greatest modern icon of the Boer nation.
Nationalist true and consistent; courageous; able to speak to the nation; he was its natural born leader. And this is confirmed by the facts: he was the only prominent leader that don’t sell himself to the past and/or present South African empire, and it was the only one that fight against it, and not only in words.
For the Boer nation he was a living symbol of freedom, but above all, he was the only man able to gather it, and to lead it to freedom. And these are, most probably, the reasons for his murder, as for his years spent in prison. A strategy based on lies, to eliminate Terre’Blanche politically, then physically, and finally, to discredit him enough to erase memory of him and of his teachings. The nations are held in bondage in this way: arresting, killing and discrediting those who can guide them to freedom.
But inside us Terre’Blanche isn’t dead. Because his teachings are still alive, and because we still remember his words. A modern Boer Moses, that show the way.

The two photos published here aren’t chosen at random.
The first, of the 16th December 1993, shows Terre’Blanche forearm handshake with a young nationalist boy. This is the traditional honour salute among warriors, used by many white/European nationalist movements in the world. In this picture we see the transmission of the nationalist teachings to the younger Boer generations.

Terre'Blanche, 16th December 1993. Pretoria

The second photo, of the 9th April 2010, shows pro-Boers and Boer nationalists to salute the coffin of Terre’Blanche. A gesture which belongs, too, to the tradition of the whites/Europeans nationalist movements from all over the world. A gesture well described by Zelea Codreanu, founder of the nationalist Rumanian “Iron Guard”: “a salute to the sky, the heights, and the sun, a symbol of the victory of Light and the Good”.
And Terre’Blanche fought till to the death for the Good (777) vs. Evil (666). And that must be our model.

Terre'Blanche funeral. 9th April 2010, Ventersdorp