Boer freedom isn’t that Afrikaners talking about. By Piet Rudolph Print
Saturday, 14 August 2010 21:52

The article below, written by Piet Rudolph for Orde Boerevolk, has been translated from Afrikaans (original title: “Vryheid (2)”).
The article was published on 25th July 2010 and follow the article “Freedom” (“Vryheid”), 19th July.

Questo articolo è disponibile anche in italiano.


Freedom (2)


Adries Pretorius, with rifle in the hands. Voortrekker Monument, in PretoriaThe confusion of so-called Afrikaners
Allow me to confess that the command to our father and mother, that our days may be long upon the land which they gives you, apply to me and I will honor it until my last breath. So there are many others that feel the same.
I know where I come from, my ancestors were Voortrekkers that at the act of Blood River made a vow that binds me and I will forever honored it.
Therefore I am a Boer and therefore I say as Martin Luther: “Here I stand. God help me. I can not otherwise.”

Meaning of to being a Boer
But when you say you are a Boer, it has certain consequences. In Natal the Voortrekker nation road have bled. They were a small percentage. Less than 10% of the white population of the Cape. Here in the midlands, we bled white-blood. We were killed on the path we traveled; killed by the British oppressor. That what he could not kill, he tried to demolish. What the Englishman could not demolish, he tried to convert to British.
Today we have a new exterminator. Our land is our heritage and is being taken away from us, our heritage and the names there of are being changed and thus our descendants will never know what the relationship was. There is an attempt to let us impoverished and interbreed. Furthermore we are being blatantly murdered, because we are whites.
The increase of whites in the Cape who did not want to move, continued. Because of the events in the midlands, about a third of the Boer nation, “the Republicans”, were eliminated. With the British occupation of the Cape in 1806, the white population at the Cape was about 26,000. The English extinguished this mass in the Boer republic.
With a simple calculation one can have a good idea of how the British attempted to kill off the Boer. It was a feeble attempt at the Republicans freedom spirit in the bid at bending the tree while it is still young and to force the Boer on his knees as a servant!

Now as then in the Cape, there are those who pretend to like and be-like the Boers but they are discreetly working against the idea of Boer-freedom in our Boer-republic and they will never give there full support to the Boer. They use the Boer's origins, its history, its achievements and its symbols but runs like a child to its mother when it comes to claiming our heritage - freedom on our own territory. This is the new “African-Afrikaners”. Those who pretend to like us, but they don’t, because we despise cowardice.
Again, they are busy with all kinds of artificial constructions to try and create a new freedom and one can just sit back and ponder why they even try, shouting from there dung heaps: “Hold high the Vierkleur [“Four colours” flag. Ed]” and “Freedom” without them saying where that freedom is and how it can be acquired.
For a lightning conductor they want to establish small town-states. Listen very well, all that as nothing to do about us. It is something to be sickened at. The power to change thing lies in the ANC-parliament. Our power to change things will come through the barrel of a gun. No matter what we want to change. The ones who do not want to know are living in a mad mans paradise!
Dare you address those people, they quickly start up with the argument that our people are being killed and those who do not agree with there plans, they are helping the murders! As if their plans will bring an end to the oppression and murder of our people.

The path to freedom

Boers and Boer-Republicans should realize that it is less than a third of us that have the same ideal of Boer-freedom. We are alone with our God on the open plains of desolation. We do not support our freedom from the false levels of distortions get. It is rather a block around our leg with all of there whispering lies.
The Boers are busy packing our wagons. Those who want to come with us, are welcome. The rest can be left behind. Trotting behind us like little barking dogs, but the Republicans wheels have began to turn. Our struggle is the continuation of the struggle of Kruger [Paul Kruger, Boer leader against British and president of the ZAR, Zuid Afrikaanse Republiek, the Boer Republic in the Transvaal region. Ed], De Wet [Christiaan de Wet, Boer general and leader, ed] and De la Rey [Jacobus de la Rey, Boer general and leader, ed]. Far in front of us in the wagon trails is the freedom, which of 27,000 women and children who know they will not have died in vain and will never be forgotten.
Come on, Boers. Come on brothers our battle has began. In front of us there are difficult battles and mountains to climb. We will win because we want to win!