South Africa: Whites under attack (6-16 Dec. 2010) Print
Friday, 17 December 2010 15:27

News from Uncensored South African News

6th  Decembre 2010, Helderberg (western Cape).
An Afrikaner widow (71 y.o.) was severely traumatized after she was robbed at gunpoint and assaulted by two black men dressed in police uniforms.

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News from Volksblad and Uncensored South African News

13th December 2010, Bethlehem (Orange Free State).
Jannie and Ria VogelsangRia Vogelsang (68 y.o.) and her husband Jannie (77 y.o.) survived at a brutal attack by three black gunmen, on farm Arran.
“It is only by the grace of God that we are still alive today because our attackers were planning to kill us,” said Mrs Vogelsang.
Three armed blacks entered in the farm and ask for money. They weren’t happy with the small amount of cash the old couple had on them, only R1,400 (about 155 Euro) and wanted more. They angrily threw Mrs Vogelsang against the Christmas tree of the Boer family.
“Then I realised they were probably going to kill us and pushed the panic button,” said Mrs Vogelsang. The loud wailing scared them so badly that they dropped her trinkets and ran off.
She was released from the Hoogland Mediclinic at Bethlehem after wounds around her mouth received stitches. The elderly Mr Vogelsang said he felt very helpless throughout their ordeal. “It’s the most horrible thing in the world when your wife is thrown to the ground and you can’t do anything because some guy is holding a rifle to your head.”

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News from Beeld and Uncensored South African News

16th December 2010, Krugersdorp (Transvaal).
Piet and Lizel DesfountainPiet Desfountain (53 y.o.), was bludgeoned to death in his Gerhard Maritz Avenue home in Krugersdorp by four black men who had torn down the security gates at around 03:30 in the night and stormed in with hammers and shovels. His wife, Lizel Desfountain (49 y.o.), also was brutally assaulted. She however saved her life by managing to flee and now is in hospital.
The couple were married about three months ago. It was Mr Desfountain’s second marriage.