The Boer volk freedom and the Palestinian issue: the view of the South African government. Jun 2013 Print
Wednesday, 03 July 2013 18:05


The following letter was sent today to the office of president Zuma.

Mr President,


A press release was published after your meeting with the President of the United States in which you referred to the Palestinian Question. It was reported that you said:

"Mr President, South Africa remains concerned at the lack of progress in the Middle-East peace process. We unequivocally support the Palestinian bid for statehood and believe in the principle of a two-state solution. We have noted your latest attempts to revive the stalled negotiations and you have our support in this regard. At the same time, we are of the view that a lasting peace in the Middle-East would not be possible without addressing the other on-going conflicts in the region, which are a source of much insecurity and instability."

Sir, if you were reported correctly, we cannot do otherwise but to agree wholeheartedly and unequivocally support your viewpoint as a matter of principle.

Let me remind you, sir, of the Boer demand for statehood. Your eloquent plea for the Palestinians could just as well have been for our quest for freedom. As a matter of urgency we would humbly request an audience with you to pursue the matter further.

Yours faithfully

Piet Rudolph - Chairman: Orde Boerevolk (founded 1989)